List Of Sites to Make Money Online For Real: Where To Start?

In this post I will list some of the best affiliate programs, Free blogging platforms, sites where you can make money freelancing, and sites where you can promote affiliate products.

If you are new to internet marketing then this can be a good resource for you so keep reading and find out where you can get started.



There seems to be an infinite number of ways people claim to make money online.

Some talk about making money overnight. Starting businesses online for free and even making money taking surveys.

I am here to tell you the truth.

It takes A LOT of work to create reliable and consistent income streams online.

It will not happen overnight and it will not be for free.

If you want to make money for real then you will have to spend either a lot of time or money to make money.

It is like that.

If you are serious about creating an online business or income streams from the internet then it is possible and within your reach, it is just that you might need some tools and you will have to spend time working.

With that said:

Want to know some Sites to make money Online For Real?

Keep reading and I will tell you.

I’ve been into internet marketing on and off for more than a decade and one of the best ways that I have found is to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when we sell other people’s products for a percentage of each sale.

The best thing about working as an affiliate is that you can start to sell almost anything in any niche quickly without having to have a product yourself.

You don’t have to do any research to create an ebook or a course, you can sell someone else’s instead and get paid.

You don’t have to deal with unsatisfied customers, or giving out refunds or any of that stuff. That is handled by the owner.

So all you have to focus on is choosing products to sell, and sending visitors to the sales page.

If a visitor ends up buying through your affiliate link, you get credited and they will pay you money.

There are countless affiliate programs to choose from. You can also pick a product that you like and see if they have an affiliate program for you to join, simply by typing in the product + “affiliate program” on a search engine.

So it is easy to find stuff to sell.

Here is a list of my favorite affiliate networks where you can select products to sell as an affiliate.

All of these are free to join and work with.


Clickbank is my all-time favorite. They have lots of different products to choose from and it is digital products. Clickbank often pay up to 75% per sale!


Jvzoo has lots of software and IM related products to sell and commissions are good.


warrior plus Another place with digital products that you can sell.


Amazon has anything you can think of. The problem with amazon (in my opinion) is that the commission is usually very low. People make tons of money with amazon so, with the volume of sales, it adds up. You do have to have a blog/website to register an account as an affiliate.


CJ Another place for affiliate marketers to get products to sell. They have been around for along time.

Market health

Markethealth has health-related products. Weight loss pills and skin creams, things like that. The commission is high.

Another place you can make money if you have a blog/site with lots of visitors


Adsense is owned by Google.
If you have a blog, you can put up AdSense ads on your site and display them for your visitors. If a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid.

It doesn’t involve selling but simply displaying the ads so it is very low maintenance, and passive way to make money.

The problem is that you need quite a few visitors to make money with Adsense because you usually get paid under $1.

If you are targeting high CPC (cost per click) keywords then you can get more per click but the bottom line is, you need visitors so if you are new to internet marketing then AdSense is something that you can look into when you are established.

I throw that in there because Adsense is a place to make legit money online.

Now, here are places where you can put in work.

Places to make money online

Start a blog

The best place to promote affiliate products and make money is at your blog.

Your blog will become an asset that you can sell in the future if you want to so it best to build a blog that you own because you will have more options then with a free blog.

You can start your own blog in a couple of minutes and it is easy to do.

Here is my tutorial on how to start a blog and make it profitable.

I use Siteground to host my WordPress blogs and it cost me about $100 per year so it is not expensive.

Here is my Siteground Review.

A free blog/website

You can start a free blog if you are short on capital but it has its limitations. You can’t sell it. You cant install plugins that will help you make more money. It looks cheap to have a free blog so it might put visitors off.

List of free blogging platforms and free website builders.






Start A youtube channel

Another place you can make legit money online is on youtube. People make tons of cash on youtube so it is real.

You can start a youtube channel and begin to create videos about a niche that interests you and when you have grown your account subscribers and view time, you can monetize your youtube videos with Adsense.

When you hatch youtube and you have to wait 5 seconds before you can click away from the commercial, what you are watching is an AdSense ad.

The youtube channel monetizes the channel with AdSense.

You can do that yourself and make money on your youtube channel. It is free to start a channel so it is a great way to earn income.

You can also do product reviews and promote affiliate products on youtube.

Just insert your affiliate link in the video description and you will get paid every time someone clicks your link and goes to buy it.

Quora is a question and answers website where millions of people hang out. Quora answers often rank high on search engines so you can get high-quality traffic on quora.

This is a good way to make money online for real without making any investment at all, you simply answer people’s questions and in the answer, provide a link to an affiliate offer.

You can get sales on quora and you don’t have to have a blog to do that.

It is even better if you send quora traffic to your blog because there will be less risk of getting banned if you use your blog as a bridge page between people and your affiliate offers.

So is another place where you can make some money online for real.

Start email marketing and build your email list

Email marketing is probably the most profitable way to enter affiliate marketing because you don’t own the products you sell but you own your email list.

It becomes your business and a valuable asset the bigger your list gets because you can promote products to your email list and make money whenever you want.

I use Getresponse to collect emails and send out newsletters and promote offers via email.

Getresponse is cheap and very good for this so I recommend them.

Here is a getresponse Review.

Here is a free 30 day trial of getresponse that you can use if you want to try them out (that is an affiliate link).

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A List of sites where you can make real money by selling your services

Fiverr is a marketplace for entrepreneurs and webmasters and you can set up your own Fiverr business and sell gigs to earn cash.

If you enjoy writing articles then you can freelance write and sell articles on

You can design logos and sell them, design graphics, web design, even sell SEO services if you know how that works.

Fiverr is a place where you can sell all sorts of services and get paid via PayPal.


Iwvriter is a freelance writing site where you can buy and sell articles.

If you are a fast typer you can make a decent living writing articles to sell on iwriter.

When you start, you will be at the basic level and earn the least but if you stick to it and write articles, you will get stars and ratings from customers and it will lead you to earn more per article.

Upwork is another website where you can sell services and get paid. You can write articles for websites or even take on jobs like being a virtual assistant.

All sorts of stuff can be done on Upwork for money.

It is a legit site where you can make money online if you are willing to put in some work.

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These sites and places we’ve gone through can put money in your pockets if you do some work and have realistic expectations.

If you want to earn a lot of money online then it will take some time to build up an online business.

You can easily get started with affiliate marketing at any of the places I mentioned.

You can promote offers and get sales at any of the places I mentioned.

If you want to sell your services to others instead of building up your own business then you can go and do so at any of the sites I mentioned.

These sites and methods really work so if you wanted to know where to make money online for real, now you know.

I will end this article here.

If you found this list of sites where you can make money online useful, please share it on the social web.

If you have anything to say or any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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