Udimi Review – Don’t buy Solo Ads Until You Have Read This :)

In this Udimi review, you will get an unbiased opinion and discover how you can get solo ads that are HQ so read this and it might save you some money!


(This review contains affiliate links which means that you where to buy something that I recommend through my affiliate link, I get compensated. It doesn’t affect the price In any way).

The most important part of internet marketing is getting traffic. Everything else is easy, but the quality of traffic is the hard part.

You can go out there and put in the work to get the traffic for free or you can just buy targeted solo ads and start building your email list and selling products today instead!

And that’s where solo ads come into the picture.

When you buy solo ads, you pay other marketers to send you traffic that they control.

Marketers who sell clicks and have huge email lists that grow daily from blogs and other sources and they can send you targeted quality visitors for a fee.

Udimi is a place where you can buy solo ads and you can get leads cheaply so it is a great way to make money if you have money to invest in growing your email list or selling your offer.

Does udimi work?

Sure. I have used it several times and you always get the clicks and some opt-ins from it. There are filters in place and if you are in a niche that udimi sellers sell clicks for, you can make money with that traffic so udimi works without any doubt.

The problem is finding a seller that shares his good list and won’t send you garbage traffic.

How it works

When you have created an account (which is free to do), you can start buying solos at their market place.

Udimi Filters

You can click on “find sellers” and use their filters to find sellers that suit your needs and meet your requirements.

You can sort it by:

Price: between $0.40 and $.95 per click.

Got sales: The percentage of people who purchased who reported that they got sales.

Main traffic source: You can choose where you want the traffic to come from.

Niche: you can pick a niche that you are in.

List verification: you can filter sellers that have been verified by udimi or not.

Rating: How many rated them

Start within: decide how soon you want your solos delivered

Id verification:

So you can filter the sellers to find one in your price range and that sends traffic when you want it and filter out the sellers who don’t meet your requirements.

A practical feature is that you can select only top tier countries. Thous are US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain.

It costs more but it is the most converting traffic and we don’t have to worry about GDPR laws of European citizens.

buy solo ads

Once you have selected a seller to buy solo ads from, you just enter the URL you want them to send the traffic to and choose how many clicks you want to buy. Some have a limit where you can’t buy less than 500 clicks, others let you buy as few as 50 clicks.

Once you have given your details, just purchase the solo ads and you will get the clicks within the time they said.

It works best for the Make Money Online or Business Niche

Buying solo ads on Udimi doesn’t work for Every niche.

Here are the niches that you can choose from to get traffic in:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Crypto

Watch out!

There are sellers who have Dead email lists and send garbage traffic. When I just started out with buying solo ads, I did some research tho find out how to get the most out of it and I read stories on forums about how they received garbage traffic from some sellers when they bought solo ads from various platforms. I bought 100 clicks from a guy via Udimi and had a 19% opt-in rate and only 2 of them open any emails so I learned to use click magick or a reputable seller because some guys on there send Bot traffic and charge for it so be careful who you buy from, test with a small amount to see what kind of traffic they send you before you pay a lot.

The pros

  • You can get targeted leads for cheap.
  • Some Sellers provide HQ traffic that really converts into sales.
  • Udimi has good filters and options to make sure you get the traffic you want.

The cons

  • You can get shit traffic if you buy from the wrong seller.
  • Not that many niches to choose from and it works best for marketing and making money online niche.

How to make Money with Udimi Solo Ads

Here is my recommendation for how you can start making money online with solo ads and from Udimi.

1. Have a landing page with a good offer “lead magnet” to get people onto your email list.

I use getresponse for email marketing. Here are some good email marketing platforms you can use if you want to know more.

Getresponse has a free 30-day trial if you want to try them out.

2. Take a cheap affiliate product in your niche and insert the affiliate link in place of a “thank you” page, you can do that on Getrespons and other email marketing platforms.

This way you can get some of your costs for solo ads covered by “impulse buys”.

3. Have an email sequence in place that runs for at least 7 days.

Give your new leads “value” for the first couple of days for free send them good emails with useful information so that they look forward to opening your emails.

Start to promote your offer to them and warm them up over a period of days with emails

4. Go to the close and try to offer a bonus or a discount coupon if possible on day 6 or so and then go all-in on day 7, let them know it is now or never.

If you manage to make your money back within 1 week or more, then you have found a seller that you can scale your business with!

You can buy more clicks from them and continue to build your email list and make money with email marketing and this will work for 2020 and beyond.

If you want to send traffic directly to a sales page then you can do that as well, some people make that work.

I don’t do that myself but do YOU.

Ether go with a reputable seller and test them out with a small amount of money. Or get click magick to track traffic, you are getting to your landing page to make sure you are not getting scammed and to pay for bot traffic.

To conclude this Udimi Review

Solo ads are great for getting cheap leads quickly and it converts into sales so it really works.
You can start building your email list and make money as soon as today if you have a budget to get started.

Udimi have the basic filter in Place for free to filter out double clicks and things like that. You can use their platform to find the sellers that you like and start doing business with them.

I recommend Udimi. Just make sure you don’t buy bot clicks. choose a reputable seller with lots of thumbs up!

If you are interested then you can  get a $5 discount on udimi today

You can go and sign up there today and the discount will be included in your account for free.

I will end this review here.

If you have any questions or something helpful to add, leave a comment.



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