5 Skills that make money online: If you’re good you can earn legit cash!

Are you skilled in any of these things? If you are, you can start to make money online doing any of these things and it can pay you well.

Would you like to make money online?

Who would say no?

 Everybody wants more money! 

There are tons of ways to earn money on the internet but that doesn’t matter if we don’t know how to do it…

In this post I will tell you about some skills that make money online legitimately and they will all work for 2020 and beyond.

If you are good at any of these things (or want to learn it), then you can set up your business and get to work!


Freelance writing is a very reliable and straightforward way to earn a living online. You can make money by typing up articles and selling them to webmasters for a fee.

Bloggers and marketers need content for their sites and often buy articles from others to get more work done.

If you are a fast typer, or just love writing then you can take on writing jobs and type articles and get paid.

You can also do other things, like writing blog comments and submit them for a fee.

I have written a post about online typing jobs where you can find out where to make money online by typing.

The best thing about writing articles for a living is that you can take on jobs whenever you like, and you can decide how long articles you want to write.

If you do a few of them per day, you can make a nice extra income. Even a full-time income if you are good at it.


If you know how to start a blog and set it up, you can make money from your blog. You can also start blogs and build them up to sell them for up to 10 times the monthly earnings it makes.

A Lot of people want to blog but don’t have the skills it takes to start a blog and build it up.

If you know how to do it, you can turn blogging into a business.

You can also sell blogs for good money so it is a very profitable way to earn a living.

Blogging has been around for decades and it will not go anywhere you can get in the business of starting blogs to sell them or to make money online yourself from your blogs.

Here is a tutorial on how to start a blog for profit if you want to learn how to do it, or sharpen your skills.


Here is a post about how to start a blog and make Money with affiliate marketing.

Graphic Design

Webmasters need graphics to their sites and it takes time and skill to get it done so a lot of times, people outsource those types of services.

If you are good at designing graphics and logos you can set up a business on fiverr.com or any other site that lets users sell services like this and start to make money.

Logos for websites, T-shirt mockups, product banners, and graphics can be difficult or time-consuming tasks to get done. If you are skilled in graphic design you can sell your services and get paid through PayPal.

For cheaper logo designs, you can use software that automates the process and sell logos for $5.

If you have 10 sales per day you can earn $50 per day and all you have to do (pretty much) is to click a button.

Web design

Designing websites is another form of designer gig that can put money in your pockets if you are skilled at it.

Most people who create blogs and websites have no clue how to design their websites so they often use themes.

If people want a costume look according to their desires, they either have to do it themselves or pay a web designer and  that is where you can come in .

You can sell web design services to people and earn a living doing so if you are skilled in it.

You can even use plugins to design web sites for people which makes it very easy!

Funnel building

Are you good at email marketing and building sales funnels?

If you are, you can build funnels for people and get paid a lot of money for doing so!

There are people on upwork.com and other places who sell funnels for over a lot of cash!

Beginners to email marketing, or professionals who want to ease their workload, can buy pre-made funnels that they can promote offers to via email.

You can build them up and sell them or even continue to get a certain percentage of what the funnel makes.

A highly lucrative skill to make money online is funnels building and email marketing.


There are countless ways to make a living online and this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are skilled in any of these things, or if you want to enter Internet marketing and start studying a way to make money then any of these things can get you paid.

Blogging, article writing, graphics design, website design, and email marketing.

These things are fundamental to the internet and internet marketing so if you are skilled in any of these then you can easily make money online.

You can, of course, combine several, or all of these and make even more money!

I will end this article here.

I just thought I’d share that with you.

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