SiteGround Review: Unbiased Review From a User Of their Hosting (2020)

I will share my experiences and give you an unbiased Siteground review so if you want to know what a real customer thinks about this hosting then read this web hosting review, it can save you some money too (more on that later).

Siteground web hosting

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before I decided to get Siteground for web hosting, I did some research to find a fast and reliable host because it is important to have fast loading websites these Days. Especially for what I do for a living which is Internet marketing.

My three top candidates in my research where Hostgator, Bluehost, and Siteground.

These are some of the most well-known hosts to use for dedicated WordPress hosting.

WordPress themselves even recommended Siteground to host their WordPress content management system so that was a good indication of itself that Siteground was the way to go.

I was about to get Hostgator again. I used Hostgator back in 2009 and I didn’t have any issues with them but after finding out about the technology Siteground uses I decided to instead go for Siteground to host my blogs and I now have pretty much all my sites hosted with Siteground.

I have found that they provide very fast page load and site speed, and very good features to make my sites faster and safer and they also provide great customer support and therefore, I decided to go all-in and move my blogs over to use their hosting, features, and speed to my advantage.

Before we move on any further with the review,  I want to start with the drawbacks that I have found about Siteground so that you know  about it right away and that I won’t waste your time.

So keep reading.

Drawbacks/complaints I found.

Siteground hosting is relatively expensive.

You don’t get a domain name for free upon registration as you do sometimes with even cheaper alternatives.

Domain name registration with Siteground is expensive and if you want privacy included you have to pay almost twice as much so I don’t even use Siteground for domain names but instead, I use for registering cheap domain names with privacy included and point nameservers to Siteground which is very easy to do (I can show you how).

Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground has been around for some time. They started back in 2004 and today, in 2019, Siteground hosts more than 2 million sites/blogs so a lot of people are using them for hosting and their reviews are typically very good.

As I mentioned earlier, themselves recommends Siteground for hosting along with Bluehost and Dreamhost.

wordpress recommend siteground

So although Siteground is not as big and well known as some other hosting companies, they provide high quality hosting and many people are using them to host their sites. They have tons of happy costumers because,

They provide several different options for hosting

Web hosting

WordPress Hosting

WooCommerce hosting

Cloud Hosting.

The hosting plans generally go by the names of ”startup”, ”grow big”, ”go geek”.
Except for cloud hosting, there are other names for the plans.

For ”managed WordPress hosting”, which is what I use, you can choose between.

siteground hosting startup growbig gogeek

3.95£ a month.

Websites 1
Web Space 10 Gb
Monthly visitors 10,000.

”Grow big”
6.45£ a month
Websites Unlimited
Webspace 20GB
Monthly visitors 25,000.

”go geek”
11.95£ a month.

Websites Unlimited
Web Space: 30GB
monthly visitors

depending on what plan a user decides to get, there will be different features but even the ”startup” plan includes Free SSL and HTTPS as well as Cloudflare CDN.

Free daily backups, free WP install, Unlimited MySQL DB, and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

The ”grow big” plan includes everything the start-up plan offers and more.

Premium WordPress features include:

free WordPress transfer by their experts (so you can have them transfer your site over to them for you),

WordPress SuperCacher,

1 click WP staging and more.

The ”gogeek” plan provides everything of the ”startup” and ”grow big” and more.

Geeky WordPress features include:

Advanced Priority WordPress Support
the highest tier of server resources
pre-installed git for WP
and more.

When it comes to cloud hosting, you can choose from –



Business plus

Super Power.

Purchasing From Siteground

When we sign up to get hosting, we have to provide a domain name we own or register one with them.

Domain Name Registration

If you are about to launch your first website then you might want to use their domain name registration service for convenience. You can then log in to your Siteground account, install WordPress with 1 click and start your blog instantly.

If you use another domain name registrar, you will have to insert the nameservers of Siteground to your DNS name servers with your domain name registrar and it can take a few hours, even up to 24 hours before the DNS propagation has taken place

Domain name registration costs 13.95£ per year and if you want domain privacy you have to pay an extra 11. 70£ per year.

I personally didn’t like the price for their domain names so I went and registered a domain name at with free privacy included for about $8.25.

If you would like to know exactly how I did that then feel free to use my tutorial on how to set up a blog with Siteground and get a cheaper domain name.

After that step, we will be asked to provide address and personal information to finalize the order.

They provide the option to test their hosting for free initially and if you don’t cancel you will be charged for the next payment period when it arrives.siteground registration

I decided to pay 12 months ahead for hosting. That way, I don’t have to think about making payment until the end of 2020.

I chose the ”grow big” plan because I have several blogs and I also like the features of it.

What I love about Siteground

They provide extremely fast hosting and latest PHP version with CDN included in the deal so if you decide to use Siteground to host your site(s) you can install Cloudflare CDN at the click of a button and it will increase your speed and make your site safer. On speed tests, they outperform most hosting companies out there.

We also get SSL certificates for FREE on all our sites we host with Siteground. Usually, people have to pay extra for that with other hosts.

SSL certificates make your site more trustworthy and Google Chrome has even added a feature where it shows a warning to users if a site lacks an SSL certificate so it is pretty much a must to have it these days.

We can install it with the click of a button in the tools section of our Siteground back end.

They guarantee great network uptime!

Their uptime figures are very good, even better than their competitors so availability will not be a problem with them.

They guarantee network uptime 99.9% on an annual base.

if they fall below the guaranteed network uptime they will compensate you for it.

99.9% to 99.00% – one month of free hosting.


We are just about to wrap up this review of Siteground.

If you’ve read this far then you might feel interested in buying their hosting.

I use Siteground myself and I do recommend them.

They have very high uptime and provide fast and secure hosting and great customer support so if you are looking for a reliable and fast web host for your site(s) then I suggest that you go ahead and get Siteground hosting.

If you do that then, you will find that they require a credit card when you fill out the information.

The process of purchase is easy.

You will be lead through the process of choosing a domain name, providing your personal details and credit card details to finalize the purchase.

After you have followed the process through, you are done and your account will be ready for you to start right away with setting up a site ore transferring your existing site over to your Siteground hosting account.

(Sidenote: I personally contacted them through the customer support chat and the guy I talked to provided me with a link to finalize the purchase through Paypal because I asked for it).

I am not saying that they will do the same for others all the time, but that even that option was possible for me and they provided me with that solution so the customer support is very good and you can talk to them for support when you want to become their customers.

By now, you might want to go and check out their official website.

You can also purchase their hosting services there if you want to do that now.

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