My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review: Of All Reviews, Read This From A Real User

I have used my traffic Jacker 2.0 for about a month now so if you are looking for reviews from REAL members before you decide if you should buy it or not the read this through.

I will show you how it works with images and give you an in-depth review of this software so you know what this is all about before you decide if this is something for you or not.

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*This review of my traffic Jacker 2.0 contains affiliate links. That means that I get compensated if you were to decide to purchase this software through my Link. It will not affect the price that you will pay for it in any way.

As an internet marketer, you need traffic.

Without traffic, you won’t get any sales or opt-ins or anything.

I know how timeconsuming and boring it can be to work on building up social media accounts, creating youtube videos, and writing articles to promote my affiliate offers and landing pages where I collect emails.

It can take months before you see any results but you still have to keep working at it and find ways to motivate yourself to keep going.

Over time, you start getting traffic and you begin to see results and it helps you stay motivated and continue and it gets easier and easier over time, like a snowball effect but it can be monotonous and boring to build up traffic streams on your own.

If you have been doing this yourself then you probably know what I am talking about and maybe you even agree with me, or maybe I’m just lazy.

but If you too would like to shortcut the whole process, and just get that targeted buyer traffic instead of working on building up social media accounts and youtube channels then I have great news for you, there is a way to get high quality, targeted traffic quickly and easily without hardly doing anything at all!

How can we possibly do this?

We can look for youtube channels that have videos that receive lots of traffic, and that links to a domain name that has expired, and we can take over that domain name for a small sum and instantly begin to receive that traffic!

We can then redirect that traffic anywhere we want and begin to see instant results. we can send that traffic to an affiliate link, or a landing page where we collect emails for email marketing.

or to a youtube video that we want to promote, or anywhere we want and we don’t have to do any of the work involved in getting that traffic in the first place.

And we can do this on other sites than youtube as well.,, yahoo answers, and so on…

The best thing about this method is that we can get high-quality buyer traffic from the search engines, In large volumes.

People that want to buy what we promote and all the work we have to do is to find these expired domain names that receive links and gets traffic.

That is where my traffic Jacker 2.0 comes in because it automates this process for us and allows us to find the best of the best-expired domains that bring in traffic for our keywords.

it makes this process a lot easier, and we basically don’t have to do anything but register expired domain names and redirect the traffic to where we want it to go.

My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

My traffic Jacker 2.0 is a software that automates the process and job of searching for dead links and expired domains for us.

All I have to do is to type in the keyword I want traffic for and select what web site I want to search, and press “search” and it will go through dozens and hundreds of pages and check thousands of links to find the dead and expired domains that are available for me to choose from.

It is a cloud-based software so all is done at the my traffic Jacker website.

my traffic jacker 2.0 pro interface

As you can see on the image, it is an easy website to navigate, all is laid out in a simple fashion so it didn’t take long to figure out how it all works.

Once we have registered, we can find tutorials and walkthroughs to get set up correctly in the member’s area when you log in.

there are also bonuses there that you can look at to see examples of how to make money with affiliate marketing by taking over expired domains that get traffic from youtube and redirecting the traffic to an affiliate link.

How does my traffic Jacker 2.0 work?

When you want to search for expired domains to take over, you just go to “Research” and press the big + button and you can type in the keyword you want to research.

you can select what site you want to traffic from.

research with the softwar

The version I choose lets me search for domains at the following websites.






Yahoo answers.

If you want to find youtube videos that receive lots of traffic and links to expired domains then you can choose the “Upload date” of the video you want as theĀ  Minimum, and how many pages you want the software to search through, (you can see it on the image above).

Once you’ve done your search, the results will show any or all the dead links and expired domains available for that keyword.

some domains have not yet expired but the links don’t work. you can keep track of domains like that and take them over if they do expire.

You can press the “has available domains” to see only the ones you can register right away.

you can also press this button right here that my red arrow points to in this image…

when you find available domains it looks like this

and my traffic Jacker 2.0 will keep track of how many times per day the video gets viewed so you know if the domain name is worth buying or a wast of money and time.

The software also lets you auto search on a daily basis for available domains in your niche and for your keywords.

There is also a keyword suggestion tool available to find long-tail keywords that you can research.

my traffic jacker keyword research tool

those where just some of the features of the software.

If you upgrade, you can also search for expired domains on and get more features.

In order to search for youtube videos linking to expired domain names, you will first need to insert an API key from google but there are easy to follow instructions in your member’s area that teach you have to do it and it goes quickly to get it done.

Visit the official website here

How you can make money online with software like this?

On the internet, a domain name is almost like a real state.

You can do many things with a good domain name to make money.

If the domain name receives lots of good backlinks, you can use it to give your main site authority.

you can sell the domain to somebody for the “link juice”.

you can also sell the domain name on sites like,, and to people who want it.

Some domain names have sold for 7 figures in the past!

you can take over an expired domain that has the authority and receives lots of traffic, and build it out to make it your own site.

you can do affiliate marketing and redirect the traffic it receives to an affiliate link.

you can redirect the traffic it receives to a landing page where you collect emails to do email marketing to your list.

you can do lots of things to make money with a “domain name business”, but the best thing about this software, in my opinion, is that it lets me find and take over large streams of traffic that I can monetize and send anywhere I want.

If you buy solo ads from a place like udimi you would have to pay around $100 for 200 clicks.

If you buy traffic from other places, you can expect to pay up to $1 or more per lead, but with this method, I can quite easily get 200 clicks and it doesn’t take long, and a .info domain costs less then $5 per year. the traffic is also very passive, it just keeps coming in so it is a great way to get traffic without having to do much to get it.


My Traffic Jacker 2.0 has different versions to choose from and the prices vary.

Each search that we do cost 1 Credit. One search can research hundreds of youtube videos, thousands of links, and find lots of available domains for you.

The amount of credits you receive when you purchase depends on the plan you choose, based on your needs.

My traffic Jacker 2.0 Lite.

250 Credits.

Price: $62.33 (at the time of writing this)

My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Pro

1000 Credits.

Price: $65.83 (at the time of writing this)

For more information about the different features of Lite and Pro, visit the official website and have a look.

If you take advantage of being an early bird, you will get it cheaper and have your monthly fee waived.


easy to use and works really well.

automates the process of finding high traffic/high authority domains available to register instantly.

saves you tons of time.


It is not a software that you pay once for, but you will have to pay monthly to keep using it.


I did buy my traffic Jacker 2.0 pro my self and I find it very helpful.

Taking over expired domains that get search engine traffic for buyer terms is a very easy way to get targeted traffic to send to affiliate offers but it is not always worth spending hours upon hours, looking through search results to find them on your own.

but with this software I can just go through my list of keyword every day and keep track of the domains that I already have found, to see how much traffic they receive on a daily basis before I take them over and make them work for me.

I also send traffic to my squeeze pages to collect emails and it works well.

I recommend My Traffic Jacker 2.0 to any online marketer who wants to receive high-quality traffic with minimum effort

By now, you might want to head over to the official website where you can buy it today if you want to do that

do so by clicking here.

Buy My Traffic Jacker 2.0


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