How To Make Money Online In 2020 And Get Paid Through Paypal

Learn PROVEN methods to make money online and get paid through paypal. If you want to know how to do that today then read this.

Paypal is a payment system that is used worldwide and has been around since 1998. It is a highly trusted company and very good to receive payment through.

In this article, I will tell you a few proven ways to make money online and get paid through PayPal.

These are low cost and easy to enter so anyone can do this.

With that brief introduction, let’s get to it.

Affiliate marketing with JVzoo

You can start a blog, become an affiliate marketer, and promote affiliate offers for
Jvzoo is an affiliate platform that allows Vendors and affiliates to do business.


What you do as an affiliate marketer is to promote other people’s products for a commission so every time you make a sale you get paid.

Jvzoo tends to have high affiliate commissions, up to 50% so you can make money selling digital products as training and software for jvzoo and they pay you via PayPal.

I mentioned starting a blog because that is one of the easiest ways to promote affiliate products. You can write product reviews and publish them on your blog and promote products as an affiliate.

The more reviews you write, the more money you can make so it is a numbers game.

It can take some time to build up a site, to where it makes a lot of money every day but people launch new products all the time on jvzoo so you can promote brand new products.

They have less competition so you can see faster results.

There are, of course, other affiliate programs that pay via Paypal.

To name a few:

Warrior Plus
Share A Sale
Max bounty
Pepper Jam

Some are easier to get accepted into than others but you can promote products as an affiliate for any of these companies.

You can choose a niche to focus on that interests you, and do a search on google for “your niche + affiliate program PayPal” and see if you find any other ways to promote affiliate offers and get paid by PayPal.

Make Money Online With And Get Paid Through Paypal is an online marketplace where you can sell all sorts of digital products and services so if there is something you are really good at then you can earn money there.

You can do things like; sell articles you have written; do SEO services like leave comments on people’s blogs; you can do logo designs and sell them; graphics designs; SEO services.

You can do all sorts of things and get paid.

If you want to do that then it is important that you do something that you can automate or do very quickly because you often make $5 dollars per sale.

You can make more per sale though. The price structure is often like this.
$5, $10, $15 or $25.

But each deal you offer delivers a lot more than the $5 dollar offer so make sure you can scale your Fiverr business and not get bogged down doing 3-hour projects for $25 because it wouldn’t make any sense to work like that unless you live in a Country where $25 is a lot of money.

Many people use software to automate things.

SO if you sell logo designs, you can get a good logo design software to speed up the process. is another thing you can do to make money on the internet and get paid via PayPal.

You can also do..

Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing articles and if you are a fast writer, you can become a freelance writer and sell articles on sites like,, and

You can sell articles and get paid via PayPal.

Oftentimes, you will initially earn about $8.20 for 1000 words but as you build up your reputation as a freelance writer you can earn a lot more.

There are writers on for example who earn $72 per 1000 words and it is possible to write that length of an article in 1 hour so there is money to be made in this.

What you need to build up your credibility is to get good ratings from customers and you “level up” your account with work.

It is a nice way to make an extra income because it is easy to do and you can take on jobs whenever you want to and it doesn’t require any technical expertise. All you do is write articles and get paid.

That is another way you can make money online through Paypal.

For more information about where you can earn Money by Writing;

 you can read my post about typing jobs you can apply for and do from home:  Top typing jobs for working from home

You can make some cash as a Virtual assistant

You can use, get an account, and become a virtual assistant for businesses online. You can do things like deal with customer support or manage people’s social media accounts for them and earn an income doing so. You can get payment through PayPal if you use Upwork.

A lot of online entrepreneurs have a lot of stuff to get done every day and they need help to be able to scale up their business, so they hire assistants to do certain tasks for them. Often times, they will instruct their assistants via Skype or email, on what they expect you to get done and how they want it done, and you then get paid per output.

That is another way to get paid by PayPal payment.


You can get started with any of these methods today and make money online using PayPal’s payment processing system, but it requires some work.

These are not “get rich quick schemes”. starting a business takes time, and any of these methods are a business model (save virtual assistant). So if you put aside a couple of hours per day to build your online income then you will earn money eventually.

Starting your own blog website and writing product reviews costs money unless you start a free blog that you can do.

Paid hosting costs about $100 per year so it isn’t expensive. is free to join, and you can get started selling services for free.

Freelance writing is free to do, you can sign up for free and start taking on writing jobs.

All of these methods will work for 2020 so if you want to start your own internet business to earn money online and get paid by PayPal then you now know what you can do to get started.

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