Mobile Pages Agency Review: Review Of MobilePages Agency (10 Bonuses!)

If you spend your days creating high-end websites and efficient sales funnels, you are probably surprised by the number of websites that are struggling to survive. In truth, many of those platforms are new.

They don’t have what it takes to survive online because they do not understand the virtual landscape. You can blame this on COVID 19. It caught everyone by surprise. More importantly, it forced many businesses to close their premises.

These restrictions were supposed to be temporary. Most people expected them to last a few weeks. But the relevant health authorities chose to extend them to limit the spread of the virus. As a result, many traditional companies were forced to run to the internet.

Some of them created websites for the very first time in the hopes of selling their products and services to consumers over the internet. Others revamped old websites, moving all their operations online in an effort to make up for the losses they incurred when COVID 19 struck.

But quite a few of these companies are struggling. They don’t have what it takes to survive online. They think they can thrive by promoting their websites on social media platforms. They do not realize that their websites are not equipped to compete favorably, not yet.

Understanding the Problem

Why are so many companies struggling to gain traction online? Mobile phones are the problem. Many companies created their websites at a time when computers were the most popular means through which people accessed the internet

That is no longer the case. Many smartphones are just as powerful as the average computer, if not more powerful. And unfortunately, they are smaller, lighter, and easier to store and carry, which is why large chunks of the population prefer to use them to access the internet.

It is the most convenient option. But why is this a problem? The answer to this question is also simple. Many business websites were designed to be viewed on a computer screen. They haven’t been optimized for use on mobile phones.

If you spend a lot of time online, you have probably seen several websites that display poorly on your phone. Either they take too long to load or their images, buttons, and text are jumbled because they were not meant to be viewed on such a small screen.

This is one of the most important issues haunting so many business sites. They are spending so much money promoting websites that cannot retain the attention of consumers. This is why they can’t gain any traction.

The Role of Mobile Pages Agency

If you have noticed the growing number of websites that are not mobile-optimized, your not the only one. Sam Bakker noticed a similar issue, which is why he introduced mobile pages agency. The product is unique because it is designed to benefit people like you that keep stumbling upon poorly optimized websites.

Numerous business websites are desperately trying and mostly failing to grow online because their platforms are not mobile-optimized. Bakker’s product allows you to help them. This is what you should know:

1). With mobile pages agency, you can create highly attractive websites that have been optimized to display efficiently on mobile devices.

2). This process is not only quick but simple. You can create gorgeous websites for struggling businesses at any time, from any location. Bakker puts all the power at your fingertips.

3). You’re not running a charity. Bakker doesn’t expect you to help these struggling companies out of the goodness of your heart. Once you have created your optimized websites, you can sell them to the companies in question for an amazing $997 each.

4). The product isn’t restrictive. You can use it on any computing device you have. That includes a laptop and a tablet.

At any other time, you wouldn’t be wrong in approaching promises of this kind with suspicion. In many cases, deals that sound too good to be true are scams. The idea of making $997 for a few minutes of work sounds ridiculous.

However, these are unprecedented times. Bakker’s product came at the best possible time. Many businesses are scrambling because they never planned for a crisis like COVID 19. As such, they don’t have much in the way of options. If you can offer them a beautiful, mobile-optimized website, they will take it. They cannot afford to incur more losses.

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What Does Mobile Pages Agency Offer?

If you are struggling to determine whether or not this product is a worthwhile investment, this is what you can expect:

1). Interface
The software allows you to design websites quickly and easily because the interface is so intuitive. It takes just a few clicks to produce a neat, clean, professionally designed online platform.

2). Drag and Drop Builder
If you want a program with a simple learning curve, this software has you covered with a convenient ‘drag and drop’ builder. You can add, delete, and edit elements with relative ease. The builder doesn’t take long to master because all the unnecessary components have been eliminated. The builder provides users only what they need to create an attractive website in the shortest period possible.

3). Templates
If you don’t have the artistic creativity required to build beautiful platforms, this program comes with five mobile templates for you to choose from. It won’t take you long to load and then customize your template of choice to produce a unique portal for your clients.

4). Languages
if English isn’t your first language, you have nothing to worry about. The software has 15 other languages for you to choose from, including Finnish, Russia, and Polish. The product wants to make things as easy as possible for you. It does this by removing unnecessary inconveniences such as language barriers.

Bonuses If you buy MoobilePages now

If you were to purchase MobilePages agency today through my affiliate link then here are the bonuses that will be included in your purchase. you will receive all of these in your #thank you page” after you have paid for the product.

#1: Social Media Toolkit

In this all in one toolkit, you will get everything you will need to get and convert leads into buyers. A powerful resource to help you get social media clients.

#2: White Label Rights Social Pop

This “scarcity” software can multiply your leads, profits and bring you hundreds of percent more traffic using just the same strategies that big companies use.

  • One-Click Add To Your website, a Fully Hosted Software.
  • ​Increase Social Proof and Scarcity With Real-Time Updates ​
  • Works On External Websites, Your Website, Blogs, And even E-commerce.
  • Product Sales Sites, Bonus Pages, Shopify Sites And More
  • ​Integrates with all of the biggest email marketing platforms.

#3: Script/Funnel Writer

With funnel writer, you can make scripts for your videos in minutes. HQ, sales scripts were professionally written to your business quickly. You just fill in your business profile and this software creates a script that you can use for your sales video, webinar page, opt-in page, email swipes, and much more.

#4: White Label 50 High-Quality Video Backgrounds

whit these moving background videos, you can create more captivating and engaging green screen videos.

  • High quality, Creative, Background Motion Videos that you can use In Your Marketing Videos.
  • you have the full right to use these videos – you can Use Them for Your Clients Or In Your Own Business ​
  • Scenes From In-House Scenes, Parks, and Nature… there is Something For Every Occasion

#5: Delicious Flat Icons

White label rights to resell and repackage in your own websites, apps, or as a package online.

Icon creation is a necessary part of many design projects but it is seldom practical to create custom icons for every project because it is time-consuming, so this icon pack can save users time and you can use them personally or in commercial projects.

#6 Launch Checklist

Launching your own product? it can be both exciting and complicated.there are lots of stuff to plan for and keep track of. if you want to be successful, go through this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered before your launch.

#7 100 Call To Action Marketing Strategy

A collection of short CTA (call-to-action) text for you who don’t have the knowledge or time or desire to create these for your website.

#8 WP iAsk Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly and easily include surveys into your WordPress blog. it is easy to use the plugin and it is powerful. create surveys that engage your audience with different questions and control how it appears with ease on your page with WPiAsk.

#9 Video Attention Plugin

WP Video Attention is a very effective WP plugin that lets you easily clip your video to any corner of your page by serving as a smart widget. in short, the video will be playing and “following” the visitor wherever he or she scrolls on any given page. Visitors will continue to be able to see the video and no longer only hear it, increasing responsiveness and engagement in ways you would never imagine would be possible!

#10 WP Visitor Chat

Several studies have shown that live-chat increases conversion rates with 20% and more and increase the money you make.

this WP plugin creates a widget of live chat on your site and that allows your visitors to interact directly with the site admin directly or offline. your visitors can send a message that is short to you with this plugin on your website and get quick feedback.

All of these 10 bonuses will be included in your purchase if you buy through my affiliate link now.

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Mobile Pages Agency tries to give its users as many options as possible, including the ability to add multiple sub-users, a client management system that will simplify the process of administering your projects, and the ability to add custom domains with free SSL Certificates

You can create as many client funnel campaigns as you want. And yet the product is available for just $37. That doesn’t even take into account the 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. Regardless of any suspicions, you might have towards products of this kind, you have to admit that this software has a lot to offer.onversion rates, and increases sales and profits hands down.

Visit the official website here

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