How To Make Money With a Blog Without Google Adsense

Google adsense is a great way to earn money from your blog, it has been around for a long time and people have been doing it for more than a decade. It is a very passive and low maintenance way to monetize a blog.

But there are more things you can do, and more profitable ways to make money blogging.

So if you are a blogger already or plan to start a blog but you want to know how you can earn cash without adsense then keep reading this through because I will tell you 3 ways that can make you tons of money!

How to make money from my blog without adsense?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Launching Your Own Product That Makes Money


These are the 3 ways that we will talk about so let’s continue..

Affiliate marketing

You can sign up to affiliate programs that relate to your niche or topic that you blog about and promote other people’s products for a percentage of each sale you refer to them.

Affiliate marketing is a very easy and fun way to make money online because you can make a lot of money without doing anything other than sending visitors to a salepage.

You don’t have to invent your own product. You don’t have to research a market to create something people would want to buy. You don’t have to deal with customer support or refunds or any of that.

All you do is refer people to the product via your affiliate link and you get paid.

Some affiliate programs pay 50%, 75% or even more.

Some of the Affiliate programs that I use on my blogs are:

There are others as well.

I personally like clickbank and jvzoo because we can sell digital products and training courses and they often pay over $50 per sale.

Learn how you can start making Money online with clickbank here

Amazon has everything you can think of but the commission is low because there are costs involved in producing and shipping physical products.

Digital products (other than software) are free to create and there are no shipments involved so we can make more money per sale in commission.

You can sign up to any of those affiliate programs for free and promote products on your blog.

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How do I promote affiliate products on my blog?

You can write “how to” articles around a product, or promote a product in a “how to” article as a solution.

It depends on your niche but for example:

If you blog about blogging, then in a post like “how to start a blog for a beginner” you could recommend the web host that you are using yourself to host your blog and sell web hosting as an affiliate.

Another good way to make money on your blog with affiliate marketing is to write product reviews.

People often search for reviews of products they are interested in before deciding to buy so if you have a product review and you provide your visitors with a link to the sales page of the product, they often click it and go to purchase the product at the sales page.

You will get paid every time somebody buys through your affiliate link.

If you have a blog that has lots of visitors already then you can also simply place a banner in your side bar and promote affiliate offers that way.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way to grow your blog, your business and your income.

You can place an opt-in form in a sidebar or use a pop-up to collect emails from your blog visitors in exchange for a freebee of some sort.

A cheat sheet, a report, an ebook, whatever that somebody would want for free.

As you grow your email list, and more and more people opt in to receive emails from you, you have more people to do email marketing.

You can send promotional emails to your email list and make money whenever you want to.

You can promote affiliate products via email to your leads.

You can also send out emails every time you post new content on your blog and inform them about it.

That way, you have more user engagement on your blog.
People leave comments, and share this content with others in a good way so that your blog grows.

An email list is itself a business.

Research has suggested that every lead (person on your list) is worth about $1 per month.

So as you continue to collect emails via your blog, you will have a big list over time that you can send out promotions to and make tons of money.

Email marketing is how most online millionaires advertise products. They have huge email lists and send out advertisements every week.

The email marketing platform that I use myself is called Getresponse.

It is in my opinion the best one and it is also cheaper than other alternatives.

Here is my getresponse Review.  (They provide a 30 day Free trial if you want to try them out).

Here are the top 3 email marketing platforms that I have personally used.


How to grow your email list without a website

Sell your own digital product

You can create and sell your own product on your blog.

If you blog about something that you are an “expert” about then you probably know some things that beginners would value higher than the amount of money that you would charge for a product.

You can make a digital product and promote it on your blog.

This is how you can get started.

Find out what problems people have that you can help them solve.

You can do research on forums, quora, and other blogs to find out what questions people are asking and what problems they have that need a solution.

You can then see if there are lots of marketers out there who sell products that can solve their problem.

If not, then you have a niche that you can make money with.

You can write an ebook or create a video training, or a product that can help people solve their problem and sell it.

There are many places that you can use to get affiliate marketers onboard promoting it for you if you want to.

You can also use and they will promote it for you on their platform but they take quite a big percentage for each sale.

There are different services that you can use for the payment process. Paypal is one of them.

Creating your own product and launching it is a good way to make money online without google adsense, but it requires more work on your part than affiliate marketing.

You can also do email marketing and promote your own product via email.

These are three highly profitable ways to make serious money on your blog so if you were wondering how to earn money from your blog without adsense, now you know:)

I hope you have found this post useful.
Take care.



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