How To Make Money Posting Ads On Social Media For Beginners

Find out how to make money posting ads on social media sites even if you are a complete beginner. Read this through and learn how you can get started today.

Have you seen people advertise products and services on social media sites? It is not uncommon that people do that.

People make good money doing it too.

It can take a little while to build up social media accounts to have enough views to get consistent commissions on some social media platforms but If you have the time and the drive to build up your own social media marketing business then it absolutely doable.

In this article, I will explain the basics so that any beginner can understand how to do this and what you need to get started.

If you want to learn how to make money online posting ads on social media then keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing Ads On Social Media Sites

One of the easiest ways to promote products and make money is through Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when we promote other people’s products and earn a commission for each sale we generate.

The commissions vary but we can often get 50% of the sale or even more.

It is completely free to join affiliate programs and it is easy.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that we don’t have to spend time creating products to sell or deal with refunds or customer support.

all we have to do is to send people to the sales page through our affiliate link and we get compensated if they decide to buy the product.

Many social media websites allow affiliate links so we can promote affiliate products to our subscribers and the people on the social media platform you decide to work on.

There are countless affiliate programs that you can sign up with and start working, you can just google “your niche” + affiliate program and see what shows up.

here are some of my favorite platforms.

To make money by posting ads on social media sites, you need to focus your efforts on social media sites that work best for the niche you choose.

here are some sites you can use posting ads for cash for affiliate products.

It works even better if you have your own blog to send people to instead of directly sending them to an affiliate link. That is because some social media platforms don’t like affiliate links.

If you send people to a blog post and use that as a “bridge page” where you promote the affiliate product, it will work even better. here is a tutorial on how to create a blog and set it up to make money.

How To Post An affiliate Ad On Social Media

Once you have chosen what affiliate product you want to promote and you know what niche market the product belongs to, you need to choose the social media sites where you have the most potential costumers for your niche.

for example, has lots of cooking, fitness, and fashion interested people that daily browse the site. have lots of internet marketing and make money online interested users.

Do some research to choose a niche that you can make money with and pick a few social media platforms that you can work with.

Start to build up your social media accounts.

you can do so by participating daily by liking people’s posts, commenting on people’s posts, follow people (they often follow you back), and publish posts of your own.

on Twitter, you can retweet niche related posts that others have made, and build your profile. you will also get noticed and user engagement from others.

between the retweets or the posts you make, post an ad that you can make money from every now and then.

If you use, you simply create images and post them in a “board” on your profile. you can make a few pictures per day about products you want to sell, or niche related images to what you want to sell. Include an affiliate link in the description and publish it.

you can use a site like to create images for free.

you can also re-pin other people’s images and grow your profile and user engagement that way.

How To Make Money Posting Ads On Youtube

Youtube is a very large search engine that people often use to buy stuff. people often search for product reviews and before and after the results of the products they are interested in. You can make youtube videos to promote products and place an “ad” in the description.

You can also use direct affiliate links on youtube so it makes this very easy.

there is software to use to make videos quickly.

You can use Paul Ponnas DoodleMaker for this. Here is my review of the software.

I sometimes use Renderforest

There is a free alternative there that you can use.

I have also used content samurai in the past and it is a great software for this.

Here is an example of an ad on youtube that can make money.

affiliate ad on youtube video that can make money

If someone clicks the link to go and purchase the product then the owner of that channel and site gets a commission.

Shorten Your Affiliate Link before you publish them on social media websites

Before you post an ad on social media, make sure that you shorten the affiliate links. It looks better and makes it less obvious to the platform that you are using affiliate links. Do the same on your blog (if you have one). Google doesn’t like affiliate links so it is better to shorten the links. If you have WordPress, you can install the pretty link plugin.

if not then simply shorten your affiliate links with


Anyone can start making money posting ads on social media sites but it will not happen overnight. It will require work and it can take time to build up your accounts to where you have enough views to make consistent sales.

It is not a get rich quick scheme but a real business and it takes time to start a business. If you are willing to do this then you can sign up with affiliate programs, create social media accounts and start getting followers and engagement. post Images and text and post ads every 3/5 posts.

to more consistently you put out content the more engagement you will get from people.

I hope that you have found this article on how to make money posting ads on social media useful and exciting.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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