How To Start Making Money From Nothing (Online Marketing With Zero Capital)

In this post, I will talk about blogging, search engine optimization, and marketing. I will show you where and how to get started for free so that you can start making money online.

Want to know how to start making Money From nothing with zero capital?

I will tell you how to get started so keep reading.

I remember when I started with internet marketing, I was short on money and needed ways to do things for free, and through trial and error I discovered how to sell other people’s stuff on free blogs and with free traffic and it really worked!

 That approach is still working to this day and I will tell you about it in a minute. 

The truth is that it is better to start with the domain name that you’ve paid for, and good fast web hosting because when you build up a blog, it becomes valuable over time and you can sell your blog if you don’t want it anymore. You can not sell a free blog so there are drawbacks to this approach. If you are completely broke then you don’t have any other option so you can start for free and later on, you can upgrade your online business to paid tools when money starts coming in.

Here is my Review of Siteground which is the web host that I use myself.

How can you make money online with zero capital?

for free

The best way to make money for free in my opinion is through affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you sell other people’s products and you earn a commission for each sale.

I usually use Clickbank because a lot of products there cost over $60 and We can earn up to 75% per sale!

There are many other affiliate programs to use. You can google it for more information but here are some of my favorite platforms.

When you have visitors coming to your blog you can also monetize it with Google AdSense if you want to. It is the easiest way to make money because you don’t have to do anything, you get paid if people click on your AdSense ads on your blog. But you don’t make much per click so you need quite a few visitors to make good money.

Find a product that you want to promote or choose a niche that you want to blog about.

Once you have decided what you blog about…

Start a FREE blog

The first thing you need is a blog because you can set it up in a way that it brings you free visitors that can buy from you.

You can also promote products or display ads people can click on, that will make you money.

Here are free blogging platforms that you can use and make free blogs.

All you need is an email account and you can register with any of these and start a blog.

Here you have a guide on how to create a blog with blogger for free.

Write articles or reviews to promote affiliate products.

Now that you have a free blog and affiliate programs to work with, all you have to do is to create content for your blog that can make you money.


How to earn money for free on autopilot

Write reviews about affiliate products

Reviewing products is very good because people seek reviews on google and other search engines.

If they find your blog, it is very likely that they will buy through you because they are already interested in the product.

So it is high converting visitors that visit your site if they search for the product and review.

You can also write articles and address people’s problems and then offer a solution in the form of a product (that you get paid for recommending!)

If you don’t know what to write, google your potential product and see what your competitors are doing.

Say something similar but do not copy them. Make your articles unique.
You can also read the product sales page for information about what to write.

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How to do some quick SEO for your posts

Seo stands for search engine optimization and it means that we optimize our article and reviews to rank on the search engines.

If you write a review post, put “product name review” in the title.

That way, Google understands what your post is about and can rank you somewhere for that keyword.

You can also use “product name review” in the title and inside the text of the article.

You can use other keywords in your post as well that have to do with the niche your product belongs to.

Writing “how-tos” are good ways to get traffic to your blog that you can make money from.

You can use or to do keyword research and find low competition keywords with some searches per month that you can target.

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 This is a numbers game, the more reviews you write the more money you can make because it all adds up. 

If you write 1 product review and it will sell 1 time this month.

You made $20-$60 or whatever the commission is.

If you have 100 reviews out and half of the sale once per month then you make a full income.

So keep posting and promoting products and you can build up passive income streams from one or from several blogs and it is completely free to do this.

This is how to make money online with zero capital using free blogs and affiliate marketing. Admittedly, it requires work like any other business but it works if you stick to it and give it some time. 

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