Make Money Online With Google For Free: 3 Tips on How To Get Started

I will show you how to make money with google online for free so if you are a beginner then read this through.

There are many ways to make money using Google but in this post I will talk specifically about 3 Free ways to earn money online with google, that people make real money with, so these are legitimate and possible ways for anyone to get started.

I want to share them with you so.

Want to know how to make money online with google for free?
 Keep reading and find out! 


blogger free is a blogging platform that google owns and we can create free blogs with blogger and monetize them!

You can start a blog about a topic that interests you.

When you have enough posts and enough traffic coming in, you can make some cash online with your free blog.

Back in 2009-2011, I only used free blogs from Google’s to sell affiliate products and it worked great!

Affiliate programs are also free to join so you can write product reviews and publish them on your blog with an affiliate link that leads to the sales page.

If someone buys through your affiliate link, you get a commission for each sale.

If you do SEO on your blogger blog, you can get free visitors from google’s search engines that you can make Money with affiliate marketing, or through the next method on my list on how to make money online with google for free.

PS:  At the bottom of this post I ́ll leave you a link to a tutorial on how to make money online for beginners and in it there is also a tutorial on how to start a free blogger blog so check it out when you have read this article or just scroll down. 



SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is when we optimize sites and posts for the search engines.

Search engine traffic (visitors) are some of the most profitable visitors on the internet because people often search for stuff with buyers intent.

When people go to Google to search for a product review, they are often ready to buy it!

They just want some more information and feedback from others before they decide.

If people have a problem and need a solution, they often search for the solution on google and that visitor can convert into a sale if the solution is a product of some sort.

That means that we can make money off of visitors like that.

What does SEO entail for a complete beginner?

Search engine optimization involves keyword research; competitor analysis; page and post optimization for specific keywords.

A keyword is a word or a string of words that a searcher types into a search engine.

Inserting a chosen keyword in your page/post title, headings and article content will optimize your post for your keyword.

You are basically telling google’s “spiders” that crawl the web (so to speak) what your blog and post is about so that google knows what to rank your content for and who to show your web site too.

If you beat your competition, you can rank on the front page of google and get a large percentage of the search traffic to your blog/site and make money!

The trick is to find keywords with some traffic but low enough competition so that you can rank on the front page of google without much effort.

Search engine optimisation is highly profitable. There are websites online that makes $millions from search engine traffic!

SEO is completely free to do so if you start optimizing blogs/websites then you can make money online with google with 0 costs.

It is definitely worth learning for anyone who wants to work from home and have a home business.

SEO takes time.

Depending on the competition for a given keyword, it can take months or even years to rank on the front page for a tough word.

If it is an easy keyword on the other hand, you can rank on the front page in less than a week.

Therefore, the best way to start is to go for easy keywords and build up your blog/site to have lots of posts on the front page of google for low searched keywords.

The volume makes it profitable and your blog will get stronger and more competitive over time.

That is the 2nd free way to make money with google on my list.


traffic to a site

Adsense is owned by google and it is the flipside of Google adwords.

Adwords are PPC advertising (pay per click) that marketers use to drive traffic to their offers.

It costs money but it is highly profitable and can give instant results because what they do is pay for traffic.

And by doing so, get visitors to their offers quickly.

They pay a certain amount per click.

Adsense is FREE, and with adsense you display ads that people click on, from google adwords.

So if you monetize your site/blog with adsense ads, you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

The cost per click and what you earn per click varies from niche to niche.

If it is a profitable niche with expensive products, you can make a few dollars, sometimes 10s of dollars per click.

In some niches you only get pennys.

The best way to get the expensive ads shown on your page is to optimize your page with SEO for keywords that advertisers pay good money for.

You can see how much a keyword costs per click for adwords advertisers on Google keyword planner.

Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make legitimate money online because all you have to do is to display an adsense box on your site.

If someone clicks an ad, you get paid!

You make money with Google because Google owns AdSense and you split the profit per click with Google.

It’s completely free to sign up and get started.

However, you do need a blog or website to display your ads and you also need visitors to your blog or site.

There is work involved and it can take some time to build up a blog to where it has enough traffic to make any meaningful amounts of money.

If you are serious about it though, you can do some further studying and get started.


Making money with google is the most surefire way to go about internet marketing because they are the biggest search engine and billions of dollars are made on Google’s search engines!

They have been around for some time and they’re not going anywhere soon..

Study how to make money with googleIf you seriously want to start a home business and make money then I suggest you do some more studying and researching these subjects we’ve talked about.

Blogging, SEO and adsense really work for money making.

People are doing these things right now and are making tons of money!

The best way to go about it actually, is to start your own blog using a domain name that you’ve registered and pay for (under $10 per month)and good web hosting (under $100 per year).

Especially if you want to build up a blog with lots of content that makes you lots of money down the line.


Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

But this article is about how to make money online with google for free so –

to summarize what we have talked about:

You can learn seo. ( you can even sell SEO services and become a consultant because the knowledge is valuable ).

Optimise your own blog, posts and pages for free traffic that can buy from you.

You can start a free blogger blog.

Begin to blog about your interests and get paid for it.

Use Google’s free blogger blogs to get started.

You can monetize your blog with google adsense and get paid every time someone clicks on an ad that you display on your site.

We are now at the end of this article about how to make money online for free with google.

Just a few methods I wanted to share with you.

I hope you have found this article useful!

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