How To Make a Cookie Notice Appear Only to Europeans

I will show you how to install a cookie notice and set it up so that it only shows up for European visitors. We use free plugins so if you want to follow along in this tutorial then read this through.

Do you also think it is irritating with a cookie notice pop up?

I do too.. A lot of people probably agree with us, so how do we work around this?

We can install a plugin that keeps track of where on earth a visitor is located and install a compatible cookie notice plugin.

Then set it up so that it only shows the cookie notice bar to European visitors:)

This is what I do and it is very easy to do.

Want to learn how to make a cookie notice show up only for Europeans on your WordPress blog?

I will show you how to set it up and what free plugins you need to do this so keep reading.


I am not a lawyer or anything like that so if you don’t know about cookie notice laws or GDPR regulations then research it further yourself.


As a webmaster, you are required to warn/inform visitors if you are using cookies

The cookie law requires that users give consent and are informed about the use of cookies before you store cookies on a visitor’s device and track their activities on your site.

The law does not require that webmasters keep records of consent but it does indicate that you need to be able to show and prove that consent indeed has occurred even if they have withdrawn that consent.

So if you use any cookies on your blog/website,

Google analytics or anything..

Then you need to let users know about that and if you have European visitors on your site then you need to have a privacy policy that complies with GDPR requirements.

With that said, let’s get to the tutorial.

how to make a cookie notice show only for European visitors on your WordPress blog

 I will show you step by step so keep reading. 


You will need to download and activate two plugins to make the cookie notice display for EU visitors only.

1 Category Country Aware WordPress

Go to your wp dashboard and select “plugins” and “add new”.
Search for Category Country Aware WordPress.

install and activate

Download the plugin and activate it.

You can download and install the cookie notice plugin that is compatible with the Category country aware WordPress plugin, right now as well.

Search for “Cookie Notice”.

install it and activate

Download and activate it.

Set up Category Country Aware WordPress

Go to “plugins”, “ install plugins” and click “sitewide settings” for Category Country Aware WordPress.

Click on “countries” and set it like this.


Now set up your Cookie notice.

Go to “plugins” “installed Plugins” and “settings” for Cookie notice.


You can set it up the way you want to. You can change the text or use the default text, position it at the top or bottom so make it however you want, but make sure you link it to your privacy policy page.

save your changes

save your changes and you are done.

Simple as that!

Now your cookie notice will only show for people who are located in a European country. The rest of the world will not see it.


There you have it!

It is very easy and practical to set it up this way because it will definitely provide your non-European visitors with better user experience.

Make sure you check the box that lets Category Country Aware WordPress update the country database.

That is how to install a cookie notice that appears for Europeans only.

These are additional plugins that I use and they are not on the list of plugins in my tutorial on how to start a blog for profits that you can

read here..

If you have just started a blog then I recommend that you use these plugins to make your blog GDPR compliant 🙂

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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