Is It Too Late To Get Started Making Money Online In 2020?

Internet use is growing worldwide and there are now more people than ever online.
With that growth, ecommerce and internet marketing in general has grown as well, so a lot of people who are beginners have expressed concern that they’ve missed the boat.

I have read on forums and question sites questions like, is it too late to make money online?
Is it too crowded to start making money online these days? Etc.

I want to address these questions quickly.

Is it too late to make money online in 2020?

The short answer is No, it is not too late.

It is not too crowded for several reasons.

1. Websites come and go. A lot of the blogs I followed back in 2011 are not around anymore and they left room for the new blogs on the front page of google for the terms they occupied.

2. Internet users are growing in numbers and more and more people are buying stuff online. A few years ago, you could have an email list of subscribers where a large percentage of them never bought anything online because of fear or simply not knowing what to do. But nowadays, people are more savvy and willing to buy stuff so it is easier to make money.

3. Back in the day, a lot of your online competition was cheating. Many sites were linked to spamming to go up in the rankings on search engines. Now it is a lot more difficult to do so, which makes it easier to compete if you work ethically and productively.

Something that has changed over the years, however, is that search engines like Google have gotten a lot smarter and use better metrics to filter out junk from their search results.

They’ve gotten better and better progressively over the years and it has gotten a lot more difficult to rank on the front page for fluff or low quality content articles.

I mention search engines because search engine traffic are the highest converting traffic to get if you want to make money online.

Is it too late to start a blog to make money?

People also express concern that YouTube videos are the future and ask questions like “Is blogging dead?”

The answer is No.

Blogging and websites aren’t going anywhere. people like to read and videos can not replace that.

It is not too late to start blogging for profits but like i said earlier, google and other search engines have gotten a lot smarter. So to compete with other blogs, you need to create equally good or even better content then your competitors to surpass them.

Longer articles.
More images.
More videos.
Get good user engagement on your content.

Some other factors to outrank your competition and make more money in blogging are.

Page speed (google loves fast sites)
Backlinks. (sites linking to your site)
SEO (optimizing your pages for search engines)

The good news is that there are plenty of niches where the competitors are not creating long informative articles or even optimizing their pages for keywords for that matter.

Niches like that are EASY to make money with.

The direction for Internet marketing in 2020 and beyond will be Long Term Business

No more slapping together a graph site with 400 word articles to sell affiliate products or use adsense ads.

But build your blog out and treat it like a business. It takes longer to rank on the front page than it used to, but it seems easier because google understands what type of quality should be on the front page, and doesn’t seem to rely as much on backlinks as they used to.

So if you start a blog to make money online then choose a niche you enjoy writing about, that has products to sell and you can make good money with.

Do keyword research for easy keywords with search traffic you can get.

Do a google search for your keywords to see the top 5 pages of google that rank for your particular keyword.

Have a look to see how many words their posts have.
How many images do they use.

That is what you are up against. If you are willing to, and able to create a post that is of that quality or even better then you have a good chance of ranking.

If you publish a few posts per week then you will have yourself a blogging business a couple of months from now.

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Is it too late to start with email marketing?

Because of GDPR regulations for european citizens and other laws concerning email marketing and storage of private data of visitors, some people talk about how email marketing is dead.

It is absolutely not true.

All you have to do is comply with the GRPR laws in your email marketing. Or avoid European citizens altogether and only show your opt-in form to top tier traffic (visitors). Top tier countries are the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England.

If you pay for traffic, you can often choose which countries you want to buy visitors from so you have that option with paid traffic also.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your online business because your leads (people on your email list) can buy from you over and over again.

You can promote new products every week or every month to your list and get sales consistently.

Some are concerned that because of all the spam emails that are being sent, email marketing isn’t any good anymore.

That is not true.

There are HQ newsletters and email lists to join in most niches and people use email.

If someone likes your blog, or feels compelled to opt-in to your email list for whatever reason, and you offer them valuable emails then they will open your mail and look forward to your emails.

If you promote quality products to them every now and then, they will for the most part tolerate it and buy from you if they trust your recommendations.

So email marketing is not dead, and it is not too late to start building an email list.

Making money online isn’t going anywhere and in fact, it is more profitable than ever to get started if you treat it as a business and do it correctly so go out there and make money!

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