How To Start Email Marketing From Scratch In 7 Steps (Beginner Friendly)

In this post I will take you through the steps so you can learn how to start email marketing from scratch.

There are many ways to do email marketing but I will talk primarily about how to do it with affiliate marketing as a monetization method.

If you have your own business or product to promote, you can do this as well.

We have to have something to market to do email marketing so affiliate products are the easiest way to get into this-

I will take you through how I do this from start to finish in this post.

(This post contains affiliate links. You can Find out more by Reading our Affiliate disclaimer).

Want to learn how to start email marketing from scratch?

 If so then keep reading. 

Assuming that you are a complete beginner to email marketing, we will start at the very beginning.

where to start email marketing

The first step is to get an email marketing platform to work with.

1. Get an email autoresponder

There are many email marketing newsletters and marketing platforms to choose from.

I have tried 3 different platforms and the one I decided to stick with is called Getresponse.

I use getresponse to collect emails (leads), create opt-in forms, and landing pages.

With getresponse, it is very easy to create email autoresponders and automated workflows to funnel your leads through and that is how you make money with email marketing (we will talk more about autoresponders later in this post).

If you don’t have an email marketing platform yet, then I recommend that you check out GetResponse.

You can go ahead and use their free 30-day trial on their platform right here.

See if you like it before you decide to stay on their platform.

Here is a getresponse Review you can read here.


My Top three Email Marketing Platforms

2. Choose a niche 

Once you have an email marketing platform to work with, you need to choose a niche to work with.

If you already have a product or service to sell then you already have a niche in mind, but if you don’t then you need to decide what niche market you would like to enter because you need to target potential customers with offers and gifts that are relatable to what you plan to sell to them in your email marketing campaigns.

You can take a pen and paper and write down all the different topics that you have an interest in and know something about.

it will make it easier for you to write emails and promote offers if you know something about your niche.

Once you have some niche ideas, you need to find products to promote.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing in your email campaigns then you can head over to any of the big affiliate programs and sign up (they are free to join). has digital products and they pay high commissions to affiliates.

There are lots of different affiliate programs you can use. you can also do a google search “YOUR NICHE + Affiliate program” and see what comes up.

I would also recommend that you find a niche that has a mixture of cheap and high ticket products to promote.

3. Find an offer to promote or create one

Now that you have a niche to work with that has some products that you can promote, it is time to find products you want to promote in your email marketing campaign.

Often, affiliate programs provide affiliates with tools to use in their marketing so it can help you out using pre-made email sequence templates, especially if you don’t know much about the product you are selling.

You can also use the affiliate tools resources to create your own unique material and draw inspiration and information from the pre-made stuff available.

It can save you time and help you out. If you are a beginner then you can learn how to write good emails that way too, so i suggest that you look for products with good affiliate resources.

At ClickBank, you can often find a link under the listed products to their affiliate resources.

4. Set up an email autoresponder sequence

Once you have found a product to promote, you can create an autoresponder sequence that will automatically send out emails to your leads and do the work for you!

The best way to maximize conversions is to have a sequence of promotional emails sent out once per day over 5 to 7 days.

you can promote 1 product or several products over that time frame and you can have the emails premade so everybody who enters your email list goes through the same sequence of emails automatically.

With getresponse you can do the following:

Head over to “lists” and create a new list for your autoresponder sequence.

Next, head over to autoresponders and create one.

Select the list you just made and start adding email messages to your daily cycle of emails that will get sent out automatically.

you can use an email sequence that has already been made available to affiliates by the vendor of the product you want to promote.

you can also write your own email sequence.

emails don’t have to be very long, 200 words are enough.

I would recommend that you create a sequence of emails that goes for about 1 week, after that you can pause for a couple of days and then keep going again sending new promotions for other products.

Once you have an autoresponder sequenced with some promotional emails with affiliate links in them so that you can make money, you are ready to promote your email list.

5. Make an offer to get people onto your list

the next thing you need is something to give people a reason to opt into your list and give you their email address.

If you have a blog that has readers then you can have a form on your blog and get people to opt-in with a newsletter.

even better is to offer a “lead magnet” which is basically a free gift in exchange for their email address.

a lead magnet can be: a Report; a cheat sheet; an ebook; a webinar; anything that you can give away for free that people would want.

you can write something yourself or you can use PLR products to build your email list.

there are many places to get ebooks and stuff that you can give a way to build a list. is one place you can use if you like.

you need an offer to show people and ask them to enter their email in order to receive the free gift via email.

You can create a “welcome” email that you can send out as soon as people have opted in. you can place it on day 0 in your autoresponder and select “send instantly”.

In your welcome email, give them their free gift and get off on the right foot with your contacts. Don’t sell anything in your first email, just introduce yourself and give them their gift.

Once they opt-in, they go into your automatic autoresponder sequence and begin to receive your promotional emails.

6. Create a landing page or opt in form

Once you have your automated email marketing sequence ready to work for you and an offer to entice people to sign up, you need to promote your “lead magnet” or opt-in form and there are many ways to do it.

you can create a landing page, where you collect emails.

or you can create a form and place it on your blog to collect emails from your blog (if you have one).

you can also create a pop-up form on your blog.

Creating a landing page with getresponse is very simple.

You can do that with most email marketing and newsletter providers but using Getresponse as an example:

you can head over to “landing pages” and choose “create landing page” and you will have a whole bunch of templates to choose from, you can also start one from scratch and make it the way you want.

 (If you plan to collect emails from European citizens then you need to make sure you make it GDPR compliant and make sure they double opt-in before you send marketing to them). 

you will get to choose what to name your landing page and what URL it will have.

Here is an example of a landing page that I’ve created with getresponse.

landing page example

Once you have your landing page set up you can go ahead and publish it.

Now you are ready to build an email list!

You can send visitors to your landing page URL and begin to get leads that will go through your email marketing sequence.

If you want to create a form for your blog instead then go to “forms and surveys” in getresponse (if you are using them but it is similar to other platforms)

choose “create form”.

you will have a lot of different templates to choose from.
choose something you like or make one from scratch.

Once you have published it you will receive a HTML code that you can go and insert into your blog where you want it to show.

7. Send visitors to your landing page

Now you have an email marketing platform, a niche and products to work with, an email marketing automation sequence, a landing page or opt-in form to capture leads that can go through your automated sales funnel…

Now you need visitors to promote your offer to.

If you already have an established blog then you can use your traffic from there.

The fastest and best way to bring targeted visitors to see your lead magnet is to buy traffic.

you can buy visitors from lots of places.

Google Adwords; Facebook ads; Pinterest ads.

You can also buy solo ads to send visitors to your opt-in page and get leads that are interested in your niche.

I sometimes buy solo ads from Udimi.

Here is an udimi review I wrote if you are interested.

Here you can get a 5$ discount on solo ads.

If you have a high ticket product in your email autoresponder sequence or several products of different price ranges then you can make back your cost for solo ads within a week or two.

so for example; if you buy solo ads or traffic from Adwords or wherever you decide to get traffic from.

Let’s say you pay 150$.

if you sell a product that can pay you 80$ then all you need is 2 sales to have made back your money.

if you have gotten 200 people on your list for 150$, and you’ve made back your cost in a week or two, then anything you make from your 200 leads from that point on is pure profit!

you can promote a new product on your list next week or whenever you want.

you can then buy more traffic and send it through the same sequence of emails and keep building your email list. the bigger it gets, the more money you can make because you have more people to send out promotional emails to.


This is how to start email marketing from scratch for complete beginners.

There are many ways to make money online with email marketing but this is the basics and it is duplicatable for any niche you want to enter.

to summarize what we’ve gone through:

  1. Get an email autoresponder platform.
  2. choose a niche to work with.
  3. find products to promote that can pay your costs.
  4. create an autoresponder sequence with emails in your back end that can work for you.
  5. get a lead magnet or offer to complete visitors to subscribe.
  6. Create a landing page or opt-in form to capture leads.
  7. promote your landing page to human beings who are interested in what you are selling in your email marketing campaign.

I will end this article on how to start email marketing from scratch here.

I hope you have found this useful and that it can help you go out there and make money online with email marketing.

Please share it!

take care.

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