How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

In this article you will learn how to start affiliate marketing for beginners so if you want to learn more then keep Reading this article to the end And Ill show you how to get started from scratch.

I will walk you through the 5 steps to start your legit Affiliate marketing business even if you are a complete beginner!

Keep reading if you feel interested.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

It is free to join affiliate programs and we can earn quite a lot of money on each sale!

Some affiliate programs pay up to 75% per sale.

So with a $100 + product, we don’t need many sales per day to make good money.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time and it is not going anywhere anytime soon so it is a great way to run a home based online business!

What are the benefits of working with affiliate marketing?

You don’t have any upfront costs as an affiliate; you don’t have the responsibilities of providing customer support; of dealing with refunds from unsatisfied customers; it can become a passive income stream.

There are many pros!

How much money do you need to start with affiliate marketing?

You can start for free.
Joining affiliate program doesn’t cost anything and you can advertise on a free blog if you want to.
It is better if you have your own blog because you can sell it in the future if you want to. It cost under $100 per year to run your own blog.

How do you start affiliate marketing if you are a beginner?


The first thing you need is to pick a niche in which people have problems and need a solution. Or a niche that people are passionate about and willing to spend money on.

The second thing you need is a place where you can promote affiliate offers.
It can be a Blog, an Email list, or a youtube channel.

The third thing you need is an affiliate program that pays good money and has good products to sell.

The fourth thing you need is visitors to your offer, that can buy from you.

This is what we will go through so keep reading.

1. Niche research

Finding a niche that you can enter and then work with is the first thing to do because all the rest depends on this first step.

You need to create content to promote your affiliate offers (or pay someone to do it for you), and it makes it a lot easier to do so if you pick a niche that you have an interest in, or that you know something about.

It makes it endurable to work that niche in the long run.

It also has to be something that you can make money with.

It’s something that has affiliate programs to work with.

You can start brainstorming for ideas.

Take your time to write down all your interests and hobbies.
Write down things you are good at and can help others with.

Good niches to make money with are often those where people have a problem and need a solution.

Like people who want to lose weight.
Or guys who want to learn how to pick up women, or vice versa.

Niches where people need something are also good.

Like in the internet marketing niche, people need certain software for their job.

Things like that make it easy to sell because they need what you have to offer, and will buy it.

Once you have written down some ideas for niches you can work with.

Head over to

wordtracker keyword research example

You can do som searches for “broad” keywords.
A broad keyword would be  ”weight loss”. (A long tail keyword is Intermittent fasting for weight loss, but more on long tails later).

See how many people are searching for that particular niche per month and also if there are lots of other keyword ideas that show up.

If you find that your potential niche has the potential of 1000 visitors per day or 30000 per month then that is a good indicator that there is room for you to make some money in the niche.

The next thing you can do is head over to and look at their marketplace. Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform that you can use.

clickbank marketplace

Look for your niche there to see if there are any affiliate products to sell in your niche.

Clickbank is great because they pay a lot to affiliates. Oftentimes it is up to 75% per sale, and there are products there for over $100.

They only have digital products so if you are researching a niche with physical products, you can check out, or just go to google and type in “your niche + affiliate program” and see what comes up.

I suggest that you look for a niche where you can promote more than three products and that you can earn more than $30 per sale.

Then you know that you can make money in that niche.

Once you have a niche that has enough search volume and products you can sell, it is time for the next step.

2. Start a Blog

You now need a place where you can promote affiliate products and a blog is great for that.

You can attract “targeted traffic” to a blog and convert them into sales.

Targeted traffic, meaning visitors who are interested in what you are selling.

For example: A person searching for a review of a product is very likely to buy it because they are already interested in it.

That’s why they search for information about it.

If you get that visitor to your blog, and you have a product review for them and they click on your affiliate link and buy the product, you get a commission.

Or if they search for tips on how to do something, and you are promoting a product that teaches them what they need to know then you can mention the affiliate offer in your article on your blog and get paid that way.

So a blog is a good place to promote affiliate products.

Here is a full tutorial on how to start a blog to make Money if you want to learn more.

3. Choose a product and create content

Once you have a blog set up, you need to choose a product to start working with and create content for your blog.

Write articles yourself or buy them from freelance writers. Here are some websites where you can buy articles.

 Here are some good guidelines for producing content for affiliate marketing. 

Go to or ubersuggest or any other keyword research tool, and search for “long tail keywords” that you can use in your content.

What is a long tail keyword?

a keyword is for example: Affiliate marketing
A Long Tail Keyword is: How to Start affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020

It is a long string of words people search for on a search engine like google.

It is a lot easier to rank for a longer keyword because it is far less likely that it is used in the titles and content of other websites.

Long tail keywords get less search traffic than shorter keywords, but it is easier to rank and get visitors when you use them a lot in your content.

A good way to find keywords is to use your imagination and think about what a potential buyer could type into a search engine.

For example:

If you want to sell a digital information product that teaches a make money online method to beginners, then something like:

What is the best affiliate marketing approach for a beginner?

Would be a long tail keyword that would attract potential customers.

Write articles to your blog and build it out with content.
Write product reviews to your blog.

You can google how to write articles and product reviews to sell products. there are lots of information about the subject of copy writing.
You can also read this post about writing affiliate product Reviews and making money.

4. Email marketing (optional)

Once you have your blog set up, and you have some content on it, you can get visitors from the search engines.

At first, there will not be much action.

But as your pages start to age, and gain more trust with google and other search engines, you will begin to get visitors for easy keywords that you have in your posts.

 You can get an email autoresponder and collect email addresses via an opt-in form on your blog. 

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools we can use because we can send out promotions for affiliate products at any time to our email lists.

(Learn how to start email marketing for beginners Right Here).

Once you start getting visitors to your blog, you can collect emails and build up a customer base that you can contact and sell products to whenever you want.

You can also inform your email list about new posts you publish on your blog so that you can get people coming over to your site. User engagement will increase your search Engine ranking so it will help you.

It is also true that some people might not buy from you today, but if they come back to your blog a week from now, they might buy it then so the more you have people come to your blog, the more likely it is that they buy through your affiliate links eventually.

I use getresponse for this.

getresponse email marketing

You can find out more about other Top email marketing platforms right here.

You can also read my Getresponse Review right here.

5. Promote your blog

To get visitors to your blog and affiliate offers, you can promote your blog on other websites.

It also creates backlinks which is one of the most important factors in ranking blogs on the search engines.

Here are some places to get easy traffic to your affiliate marketing blog.

You can sign up to quora and answer people’s questions.

Search for things that potential buyers to your affiliate offer would ask questions about.

And answer their question with a good answer.
At the bottom of your answer, you can just type in your blog posts URL in a Footnote.

That way, people can go from your quora answer to your blog.

I suggest that you write answers of at least 300 words.

Quora can send you tons of free traffic and it is probably the best place to get visitors to a new blog. Just make sure that you don’t spam, or come off as doing “self promotion”. Read the community guidelines and be smooth because otherwise you can get banned or have your comments removed.

Another way to promote your blog in similar ways is through Forums.

Go to google and type in “your niche + forums” and have a look at the forums that come up on the search result.

Pick one or two forums that appear to have the most page views and create accounts.

Participate in the forums and answer questions.

Some forums allow you to have a signature. You can link to your blog in the signature and get visitors to your blog from the forum.

So the more active you are, the more exposure your link gets and the more visits you get.

You can also go to related blogs in your niche and leave comments.

Search for “your niche + “leave a comment”” on google.

And just start leaving comments on other people’s blog comment sections.

You will have to option to ad your website link in the form where you write the comment.

If the blog has lots of readers, they will see your link in your comment and can visit your blog and they might buy from you.

By doing these things you also build up your blog authority and you will start to rank higher on the search engine with time.

Create social media accounts to build a following.

You can promote your blog on social media sites and get links.

In my personal experience, social media traffic is garbage for converting them into sales. They are simply not there to buy stuff but to socialise or look at the pictures they like or whatever.

If people want to buy they usually go to google and search for it and that is the traffic we want!
But you can go up in rankings on the search engines with backlinks and social media platforms can be a good place to earn them.

The links are no follow for the most part so they don’t pass on link juice that has an impact on your search engine ranking but they do help to add relevancy to your blog.

You can also get links from other bloggers if you make your blog known on social media platforms and you can get followers that start to read your blog and maybe even buy through your affiliate links.

 Here are some social media platforms that you can create accounts with. 







There are many more out there. I personally only use about half of these but it is because some platforms are better for some niches than others.

Pick those you like and let people know about your new posts.


Yes… this requires work! It is not a get rich quick scheme but this really works!

If you dedicate a couple of hours to this every day then you will have a passive income stream from your blog in a not too distant future.

It will be slow in the beginning, especially if you do all the work yourself.

Eventually, you will have enough daily traffic to your blog, to make sales daily.

When you get there, you can easily scale it up and pay people to do the tasks that you don’t like to do. Or to help you get more done than you can on your own.

So in a nutshell:

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Create promotional content for your blog.
  4. Get email addresses and do email marketing (if you want to).
  5. Promote your blog to get visitors.

I hope you have found this article about how to start affiliate marketing from scratch in 2020 useful. If you have any questions about this then feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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