How To Become A Blogger For Profits: Complete Guide (2020)

Learn how to start a profitable blog for beginners correctly, I´ll take you through all the steps and show you the fastest and best way to get a blog started, and then set up for monetization purposes so make sure you read this article through.

If you want to start your own blog to go on to making money online then I have great news for you, that is the easy part.

you can create your own blog and optimize it so that it is up and running, literally in 3-10 minutes, and I will show you how.

But first, you have to figure out how it is that you intend to make cash from your blog.

  • promoting your own business.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Adsense ads.
  • selling your own Product.
  • selling advertisement placements.

there are many different ways to monetize a blog…

The method of starting a blog and optimizing it that I am about to teach you is the best way to do it in most cases!

It also works great no matter what type of monetization you plan to go for down the line.

So you can certainly follow along and do this..

(This post contains affiliate links which means that you where to get web hosting or anything I recommend via my affiliate links, I get compensated for referring you to them. It doesn’t effect the cost).

Want To learn How To Become A Blogger For Profits From Scratch?

I will teach you how I  start new blogs and make them fast and safe so keep reading!

Speed and safety give a better user experience and it also increases your ranking on Google’s search engine.

Search engine visitors are the easiest visitors to make an income with that you can get, whatever you try to promote.

Because they are already looking to buy something from you.

Especially if you rank on google, bing, etc, for “keywords” that buyers would search for.

that is the type of visitor that you want to have visiting your blog.

They can buy from your offers or click ads on your blog that you get paid for. Or use services that you might display on advertisements on your blog. Whatever you do to monetize your blog, later on, you will benefit from search engine visitors.

So it is important that you know how to choose a web host that is very fast and secure, and that you can optimize your blog with plugins that help you rank better on google.

I will tell you all about that soon so keep reading.

The #1 Step to start a blog for profits is to decide what to Blog about.

niche idea

the more specific you make it, the easier it will be for you because you can build up your blog to have a lot of authority with time in the niche you decide to enter!

So that you rank on the search engines for lots of search terms and get lots of visitors to your blog.

You need to have visitors in order to have sales or conversions and it requires work to promote your blog out there on the internet.

so you are better off getting your site to rank for lots of different things about a specific niche because you will then get free blog visitors and exposure later on!

the more you blog about a niche or topic, the more authority your blog will gain in that niche and it becomes easier for you to rank on the search engines for different keywords that people search for.

You might also need to choose a niche before starting a blog because you must first find things you can make money with on your blog.

If there is nothing, then your blog will be a waste of time for this purpose which is, to make a blog that generates money.

You also need to choose a niche BEFORE you create your blog because once you have registered your domain name, you cannot change it!

So you better pick a name that is suitable for the niche you want to enter.

If you already have something to work with and you want to learn how to start a blog to promote your business, then you can skip the following step and go straight to “creating your blog”, because the outline that i am about to share will work for you too.

How to do niche research Before starting a blog.

You can sit down with a pen and some paper and write down a list of things that you feel interested in, that you could potentially blog about and make money from.

If you want to make a review blog where you make money reviewing other people’s products to work with affiliate marketing, then you can write down some stuff that you own, or products you know about that cost money.

(you can sell almost anything as an affiliate marketer if you want to do that later on, so most likely there will be an affiliate program available for whatever you choose.)

Once you have your list of niches or topics that interest you, then you need to figure out if it is going to be worth putting in the effort to make money on the niche or if it is a waste of time.

you can head over to and type a niche in the search bar to see if there are any ads being displayed, on top of the search result or in the sidebar.

If there are, then there are AdWords advertisers who are paying for ads so Adsense can be used to make money on a blog in the niche. It also tells us that there are profits to be made because advertisers are willing to spend money to get visitors, so they are obviously making Money!

you can also head over to which is a great affiliate marketing program that is free to join, and they have tons of products you can promote and make good commissions from!

clickbank marketplace

See if there are any products in your potential niche in their marketplace.

if so, then there are products for you to promote!

you can do the same on if you want too.

Go to Amazon and see if there are products to sell for your potential niche.

if you can find more than three products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer, and the products cost more than $30, then you can make money in that niche in the long run, so those are some good signs.

you can also just go to google and search for:

NICHE NAME + “ affiliate program”

and see if you find any good-paying programs to work with.

So, doing some brainstorming for ideas, Discovering if there are any profits to be made with any of these niche ideas, and then deciding what to blog about.

These are the first steps to start a blog for profits. .

Okay So now that you have something to blog about. A specific niche that you like.

Or maybe you plan to have a general blog, where you blog about all sorts of different things, (like a product review blog, or something general).

Step #2 Is to create your blog.

Now it is time to start the blog and that starts with choosing a good web host with easy WordPress installation.

WordPress is the best blogging management system out there and most blogs you visit use it. It is a blog and website creation tool that makes it very simple to set up and run your blog.

WordPress is what we use for creating blogs and managing content etc.

It is not the same as registering a domain name or buying web hosting, but WordPress is what we use to create a blog once you have a domain name and a web host.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to make a WordPress blog step by step for beginners. It is very easy!

I recommend using Siteground web hosting, I use them myself and they are the fastest and best web hosting company that I have been able to find (and I have researched!).

They also provide a bunch of tools and resources that make them stand out from the crowd.

They have good customer support and are fantastic for making blogs like these because their speed gives us a competitive edge over other blogs out there. It is an important factor when it comes to ranking your blog on the search Engines.

You also get SSL certificates included in the deal, which makes your blog safer.

You get Cloudflare CDN, which makes your site even faster and more secure if you choose to install it, (and it is very easy, just click and install.).

The same goes for the installation of WordPress, just click install and WordPress gets installed on your blog right away!

So I recommend Siteground because they are very fast and safe and it makes this very easy for us.

If you were to try another web hosting company instead, then you might be able to do the following steps anyway.

 How to get Siteground Web Hosting and a WordPress Blog.

Head over to

Click “get started” on “managed WordPress hosting”.


You now have 3 options. If you only plan to get one blog then “startup” is fine.

it will provide you with the essentials that you will need for your blog.

If you want more storage, and the ability to handle more website visitors and own more blogs than just one, then the “grow big” is the better choice.

it is what I use and I recommend it.

you get free SSL certificates, free WordPress install, and free Cloudflare CDN, whatever plan you purchase so you will be good to go.

You will now have the option to register a domain name with them.

Siteground Domain Name Registration

You need to register a domain name.

This blog right here that you are reading now is about Internet marketing. My domain name is

So keywords like “internet marketing”, or “make money online blogging”, are not in the URL. But IM is an abbreviation. it is not necessary to put keywords in the URL that you choose. It is probably better if you use something brandable and generic, but it should at least be relatable to your niche. If you plan to make a review blog then the word review can be in the URL, but it doesn’t have too. Just take a name that you like.

Think about how people will perceive the blog when they see your domain name, it is good if you let people know what the blog is about so that they visit it. Or at least, have a catchy name that makes people curious to visit your site.

Now, i personally do not use siteground for domain name registrations, I have a cheaper alternative for you so you can save some money if you want to go the extra mile. However, it is completely fine if you skip this and just register your domain name with siteground, it makes it a lot easier.

but here is what you can do if you really want to save some money.

How to get a cheap domain name with Free privacy included.

go to and register your domain name there for $8.25 (at the time of writing this), and free privacy is included. which makes it very cheap!


If you do that then you need to change the DNS name servers to sitegrounds name servers, don’t worry, it is easy!

after creating an account with Dynadot, and registering a domain name there;

Head over to your siteground account and look for “name servers”. there will be two addresses similar to each other.

Now go to your Dynadot dashboard and look for it and click,

my domains”.

Next: “manage domains”,


DNS settings and on “Name servers”, press “manage”.

now you can pick “name servers” in the scroll down box and enter the name server addresses you have on your siteground hosting account, on Dynadot where it says “ enter new or existing name servers

simply add the two name server addresses in the two fields available,

Then click “Save Name Server” and you are done!

It is not as complicated as it might seem, it is exactly the way I outlined it for you.

it can take up to 24 hours for the DNS name server to change to finalize but it can also happen instantly, (which happened for me with this domain name).

The final steps to get your siteground hosting plan.

As you are choosing your plan, you will find that you have different options for how long you plan to pay ahead.

I choose the 12-month option, that way I don’t need to think about paying for hosting for a while. Choose whatever you like.

type in your information and buy their service.

Once your purchase is finalized, you will get instant access to your siteground dashboard!

If you registered your domain with another registrar (like Dynadot) or you already have a domain name, then now is the time to take the DNS servers inside your siteground account and head over to Dynadot, or whatever domain registrar you use, to point your domain name to your siteground hosting.

Use the instructions that I gave you in the “how to get a cheap domain name section”.

when you have done that, you can go to your siteground dashboard and press “install WordPress”.

If you register your domain name with siteground then just log in to your siteground account and press “install WordPress”.

Next, head over to websites: press “site tools” and click on “security

Next, “SSL manager”, there you can click on “install”, install it on your website.

once it’s installed, go to HTTPS enforce right under “SSL manager” and activate HTTPS enforce.

You have now installed the SSL certificate on your blog. It makes your site safer.

Next, go to “speed” and click on “Cloudflare” Install it if you want to, it will make your blog even faster and safer. It was included in the purchase, so you can create an account for free and install it on your blog.

Done! now your blog has all the fundamentals in place to become a GREAT blog and money maker for you down the line when you get your blog started and put up content on it.

How to log in to your WordPress Cpanel.

You can now log in to your WordPress dashboard and start tweaking your blog.

How do I access WordPress Cpanel with siteground?

Easy, you get to your the backend of your wp Cpanel through your domain name.

So you can type in your domain name and add “wp-admin” in your web browser so that you can log in to your WordPress.

for example

enter your username and password and then login.


If you can’t see the box to fill in yet, if you registered your domain name with another registrar, then you will need to wait for the name server changes to propagate. it can take a few hours.

now it is time to set up WordPress to make your blog a potential money maker.

Install the BEST WP plugins for SEO and internet marketing.

There are a few plugins that will make all the difference so it is good to install them right away, they are all free to use and they are as follows:

Rank Math SEO.

It will help you create optimized posts to rank on search engines and give you help and advice about your blog posts, what you need to do to make them better. it is a very useful tool when you want to make money online with a blog because you can set up each post to target specific keywords. and other things.

Contact Form 7.

It makes it easy to create a contact form where people can get in touch with you. It is good practice to have a contact form, it looks better and it can also help you with ranking on the search engines.

Pretty Links.

This plugin allows you to alter and shorten the affiliate links you might have on your blog later. Google doesn’t like affiliate links, but when you shorten and modify them, it is okay.


this is a security plugin that protects your blog from hackers.

To install them, simply head over to “plugins” on your WordPress dashboard.

Click on “add new”, where you will be able to search for these plugins and install them.

add plugins to wordpress

You can go through the list and install them one by one.

When you are done with that, you can choose a theme that you like for your blog.

you can go to “appearance” and press “themes” and select one that you like.

there are plenty of free themes available,

but for making money with the blog, I would recommend that you choose a simple, clean, and fast theme. one that loads quickly.

A fast theme helps you rank higher on search engines.

The theme I use on this blog is called schema lite and I got it from


there you have it!

If you have followed along on this tutorial;

you have chosen a niche and a domain name.

you have registered your own domain name.

you have Great web hosting and all the necessities that will give you a robust foundation to make money online with your blog.

You have WordPress installed and some great plugins that make your site competitive and efficient for making money online.

Now, you can add a post!

just go to “posts” and “add new” and you can begin writing about your niche!

No Matter what you decide to do online to make money from a blog, this type of site and these settings will give you a very good foundation to build from.

This article has been about how to become a blogger and start a blog for profit. I have shown you how to do it, there are many ways to monetize a blog, there are many ways to get visitors,

decide what approach to take and start blogging!

Good luck.

PS: If you have any questions or comments then feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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