How To Start A Blog And Become An Affiliate Marketer In 2020

In this post, I’ll teach you how to start a blog and become and how to become an affiliate marketer  so if you want to follow along this tutorial then keep reading..

(This post contains affiliate links. That means that, if you where to buy a Product I recommend I will get compensated. It does not change the price you pay).


A lot of people want to make money online but they don’t start because they are intimidated by starting their own blog, thinking that it is difficult or expensive to do so.

It is very easy! Not difficult at all..

You can get a good web hosting company and your own domain name for less than $100 per year if you want to so it is certainly affordable for most people.

If you really have to, then you can even set up a free blog with or any other free service but it has its limitations and I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Affiliate programs are free to join!

So all you need to get started (if you want to do this correctly), is about $9 per month for good hosting, an affiliate program to work with and the time and motivation to promote your blog and your affiliate offers..

With that said, I will move on to creating a blog.

How to start a blog for beginners

The first thing you need is a web host and a domain name where you can set up your blog with wordpress.

I personally use siteground web hosting to host my blogs.



They provide very fast websites/blogs, and very good security.

SSL certificates are included for all your blogs (if you choose to set up more than one).

Cloudflare CDN is also included. CDN makes blogs faster and safer and that helps you rank higher on the search engines later on.

But siteground offers 1 click wordpress installation and wordpress is the best blog content management system out there..

Most blogs you visit on the internet have wordpress installed and it is extremely simple to use.

Sitegorund cost about $100 per year for “managed wordpress hosting”. I personaly use the “Growbig” hosting plan.

If you want to start a blog with them you can do so here.

Get Siteground Hosting

There are cheaper alternatives out there but I stick to siteground because they are the best in my opinion. They provide very fast and secure hosting and good services. They also have very good customer support.

The first thing you need is a domain name.

That is the URL of your blog.

For example: is my url for this blog, which is my domain name.

You can register a domain name directly with your web host of choice or you can go to a domain name registrar and get one there. It often cost under $10 per year.

Here are some you can use if you want to.,,

For convenience, you might want to get your domain name from the same company you get your hosting from. It makes it easier.

If you want a tutorial on how to get a domain name from dynadot to point to your siteground hosting then check out this post. (it can save you some money!).

When it comes to registering your domain name, here are a few things to consider.

Don’t create a spammy url.
Don’t put your keyword in the url.

Make your url related to what you will blog about. And make it catchy and brandable if possible.

The reason being that later on, you can sell your blog and make tons of money!

Create your domain name and get your hosting.

Once you have purchased your hosting and you are at the backend of the siteground (you logged in), you will have the option to instantly install WordPress.

If you get your domain name from another registrar you first have to change the dns name servers to siteground, there are tutorials on how to do that over there.

Simply click the My Website tab and press install WordPress.

Once you are done you are ready to log in to your wordpress and start blogging!

Here is a trick: type in your URL in your web browser and wp-admin.

For example:

That way you can log in with your details directly to your WordPress cpanel and start editing your blog.

You are now ready to become an affiliate and start promoting products on your blog!

how to become an affiliate marketer

Simply head over to any of the following affiliate programs and sign up, it is free.

Or type in anything you want to sell and add “+ affiliate program” at the end of the search string and see what comes up on google.

You can find affiliate programs for almost anything you could imagine.

Some affiliate networks pay you via Paypal, others send you a check so keep that in mind when you register.

If you would prefer paypal payment then you can add “paypal” to your search.

Clickbank has tons of products to promote in all sorts of niches and they often pay very well!

But they send you checks.

I would recommend signing up to clickbank and starting there because they are great for us affiliates.

And that is how to start a blog and become an affiliate marketer!

Now what?

Create content for your blog and promote it on the internet to get sales!

You can find out more about how to make money on your blog writing articles and reviewing products right here if you would like.

So you see, you can create a blog in a few minutes and it is extremely simple to manage your blog with wordpress. It does cost some money, but if you where to get a good sale or two within the next 12 months your hosting cost is covered and I think you can get more sales then that if you put in some work!

having your own domain name and good hosting is very fundamental to starting your own online business because that is your store!

That is your business.

If you were to open up a store in the real world, you would have to pay a lot more to start your business and pay your rent then $100 per year so it is very cheap.

I hope that this article has been useful to you and that you start your own blog and make money with affiliate marketing!

Take care.

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