How To Make Money Online In 2020 Without Paying Anything

I’ll teach you how to make Money online in 2020 without paying anything so if you want to know how to get started today then read this article to the end.

The best way to do internet marketing is to do it with a start up capital of at least $100.

You get so many more options and you can make way more money if you have your own domain name and proper hosting.

If you are completely broke however, you can get started for free and I will show you how you can do that.

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make money online on a budget

What we are going to talk about here is blogging; email marketing; and getting visitors from FREE traffic sources.

I know a place where you can get a free email marketing platform to get started with, it is limited but it is better then nothing.

You can also create a free blog where you can promote products as an affiliate marketer (For FREE) and get paid.

What is affiliate marketing in simple terms?

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products and get a commission for each sale that you refer to the vendor.

The percentage varies from product to product but you can make anywhere between 3% to 100% per sale.

3% commissions are usually for physical products via and other places.

The very high commissions are often received on digital products where the vendor makes money on the back end, promoting new products continuously via email to the customers you have sent.

So they make more money later on. They are therefore willing to give you more to motivate you to sell.

It is free like i said, and it is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online.

That is what we are going to be doing so if you want to learn how to earn money without investing anything then keep on reading.

Choosing a product to promote as an affiliate marketer

The first step is to pick something that you can sell and make money with.

Head over to and create an account.


Once you have done so, you can check out the clickbank marketplace and find a product to sell.

I recommend that you pick something with a gravity of about 20.

If it is much higher than that, then there might be too much competition to get visitors for that particular product for free.

If it is under 5, then there’s too few people buying the product to make any money with it.

I also recommend that you pick something that you can earn over $25 per sale with.

Next. once you have found a product to sell, you can head over to

Search to see if you can find any good and easy keywords related to that product that you can use.

Keywords like:

Buy, information, cheap, scam, does it work?,

Those types of adjectives are often good because they bring in buyers or people who want the product already but are looking for some more information before buying.

They can end up buying through your affiliate link so you get paid!

Once you have found a product that you can sell and make some money with and you have some keywords to work with, you are ready to get to work!

The first thing you need is a place where you can promote the product.

The best place to start is at a blog.

You can create a free blog at

It is very easy to do so, all you need is a google account and you are good to go.

You can head over to and create a new blog.

Choose a name for your blog:

I would recommend that you pick something that is related to the product you want to sell but not the product name itself.

So if it belongs to make money on the internet niche, make it related to that but not to the product itself.

That way, you can promote more affiliate products there later on if you want to.

Now that you have a product and a blog where you can sell that product, the next step is:

Create content for your blog to promote products

You can write a product review about it.

Reviewing products is a great way to promote affiliate offers because cotumers often search for reviews before they decide to buy.

You can put your affiliate link within the article so if they click it and go and purchase the product, you get a commission.

The reason I suggested clickbank is because they often give a very high percentage, up to 75% so you don’t need as many sales to make good money.

When you write your product review, it doesn’t have to be an essay or a masterpiece!

Jst tell people about the product, what it is, what they get if they buy it, who it is for and the price.

You can research the product.

Do a google search and see what others say about it, do not plagiarize, but say something similar in your own words.

Write at least 600 words of content.

Mention the product name in the title and add a review to the title of the article.

Mention the product a few times in the article.

This way, the search engines can pick up what your article is about and you can rank on the search engines and get visitors that way.

If you pick a product with low competition it shouldn’t be difficult to rank and get visitors. You can read this post for more information about how to write Product Reviews that gets sales for affiliate marketing.

I suggest that you get en email marketing platform to work with.

Email marketing is the best way to make money in the long run so it is a good investment for your online business.

What you do basically, is you collect emails from people who visit your blog.

It works best if you do so in exchange for a product of some sort.

A free gift that you offer them.

To get it, they submit their email address in an opt in form and you get access to their email.

Then, you can contact them and promote new products to them whenever you want.

The bigger your email list gets, the easier it will be for you to make money!

I recommend that you capture emails from the start of your internet marketing business.

Over time your email list will become a valuable asset!

Most email providers cost money. The best email provider in my opinion is getresponse.

It cost about $15 per month at the low end.

You can check out this post to find out more about email marketing platforms and where to get a free 30 day trial of getresponse..

This is about how to make Money online without investment so of course I have a free alternative for you..

I use Getresponse my self and I personaly like them the best. here is my Review of getresponse email marketing platform that you can read if you are interested.

They offer a 30 day free trial so you can check out Getresponse yourself and find out if you like them.

There is a free email marketing platform alternative!

The free option is with Sendinblue, you can create a free account with them and do email marketing from their email newsletter service.

I recommend that you head over there and sign up.

Next, you need an email sequence to send out.

You can get a free ebook to give out at freeplrdownloads .com.

In sendinblue, you can create a landing page:

Make one and offer the freebee there.

Write a little bit of a thank you email and write an email where you promote the same product that you have written about on your blog, and put it in the automation sequence of sendinblue.

(you will have to do some googling and researching to figure out how to set it up.. I am giving you the outline here, but this article would never end if i went through it all. So check it out)

Once you have created a form you will get a Share link and html code.

You can insert it on your blog and entice people to sign up to receive emails from you.

Now that you have a product, you have a blog, you have an article on your blog about that product, and you have an opt in form and a free gift to entice people to sign up to your emails:

It is time to promote your blog on the internet to get free visitors.

The first place I would recommend to get free visitors is

You can create an account there and start answering people’s questions, relating to the same niche that your chosen product belongs to.

You can insert a link to your blog at the bottom in a “footnote:”

So when people read your answers, they can see a link to your blog and hopefully click the link and go and buy from you. Or sign up to your email list to get a freebie.

And eventually buy from your emails.

I would recommend answering 5 questions per day.

In a week or two, you will have visitors coming in to your blog.

Another thing you can do is to search for your niche + forum on google.

If your niche is internet marketing, then type in “internet marketing forums” join a couple of niche related forums.

It is the same here, answer questions and participate with a link back to your blog.

You can’t spam forums, you have to act as though you are not in the formu to promote products or your own blog but to help out. Every now and then, link to your blog from the forum.

Another way to get visitors to your affiliate offers is to write lots of articles and reviews to your blog, the more content you have, the more different keywords you will get visitors for.

This requires work, but it works!

It will work in the future, it has worked in the past.

People were doing this 10 years ago and the modul is not going anywhere anytime soon so jump in!

Truth be told, the best thing would be if you get good web hosting and your own domain name because this requires work and the more you promote your blog the stronger it gets and the more money it makes.

But if you do this with a free blog, you are building up something you don’t own and can’t sell.

You can find out everything you need to know in order to start a blog from scratch with a domain name you own and good web hosting in this tutorial on how to start a blog for profits that you can by clicking here.

But in a nutshell.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

  1. Become an affiliate marketer.
  2. Pick a product that can make you money.
  3. Do some research to make sure it has potential.
  4. Create a Free blog.
  5. Create content about your choosen product to your blog.
  6. Get an email autoresponder.
  7. Create a landing page and find a free gift to give away.
  8. Create some emails with promotional content so you can sell to your email list.
  9. Promote your blog on free platforms like and forums.

And that is it!

It requires work, it might take some time before any meaningful money starts trickling in but it works and it is completely free to do this.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Take care.

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