How To Make Money With Pinterest And A Blog In 2020

Learn how to make money with Pinterest and a blog through Clickbank or any other affiliate program that you want to earn money with. Read this through.

Pinterest is an image sharing site where millions of people hang out and it is free to create a Pinterest account where you can upload images.

The hardest part of making money online is getting visitors. With website visitors, or (traffic) that we can send to different offers, it is very easy to make money.

It takes time to build up a website to where it has enough visitors every day to result in a good paycheck and it costs money to buy visitors that can result in a good paycheck.

We have to find ways to get easy and cheap or free traffic to earn money and social media sites like Pinterest are alternatives that we can use to get potential customers to our blogs or affiliate offers.

it takes time to build a Pinterest account to where you have thousands of followers and enough pins (pictures) to make money from them, and if you plan to follow this guide then I would also recommend that you combine Pinterest with other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc as well as with Search engine optimization to really make it work well. You can even sell products as an affiliate directly on social media sites. here is an article on how to make money online posting ads on social media sites.

but some people make good money from Pinterest alone, so it is certainly possible.

Affiliate marketing with Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is when we sell products to others and earn a certain percentage for each sale. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that we don’t have to have our own products to sell, and we don’t have to deal with customer support or refunds.

All we have to do is to refer people to a sales page. If they end up purchasing the product that we recommend, we get paid a commission.

It is free to join affiliate programs, so you can go and sign up and get started today if you want to.

Here are some of my favorite affiliate programs.

There are tons of affiliate programs you can sign up with. Clickbank has digital products from all sorts of niches, including fitness, weight loss, and cooking.

 cooking and fitness are huge niches on Pinterest, so you can start there if you don’t know which niche to choose .

Send Pinterest traffic to your blog

The best place to promote affiliate products to make money on Pinterest is at a blog. It is best to register a domain name and get good hosting because it does require work to build it up and it becomes valuable over time.

In the future you can sell your blog if you don’t want it anymore and you can earn many times its monthly earnings that way. but if you use a free platform to promote affiliate offers, you don’t have that option, so it is best to invest in a domain name and good hosting.

It is cheap, you can get a domain name for under $10 per year, and good hosting for less than $100 per year. I use siteground hosting for my blogs and I recommend them. you can read my siteground review here.

Here is my tutorial on how to start a profitable blog from scratch

Create content to promote on pinterest

Once you have a blog and some affiliate products to make money with, you can start promoting those products on your blog.

It is best to send Pinterest visitors to your blog and try to convert them into sales there. Pinterest doesn’t like affiliate links, and you also benefit from building up your blog.

You can start writing product reviews and publish them on your blog. Reviews are great ways to make money because people who are interested in reviews of particular products are often already interested, so it doesn’t take much to get a sale out of them.

Here is my post on how to make money writing product reviews that sell.

Create pins that you can make money with

Now that you have a blog, affiliate programs, and content to make money with, you can start promoting your blog and blog posts on Pinterest to send visitors to your blog and hopefully make some money.

That is how you can make money on Pinterest with a blog, you promote your blog and blog posts on Pinterest and send visitors to your blog.

The more visitors you get, the more money you make so it requires some work.

You can sign up with It is a place where you can create compelling looking images and it is free.

the more images you make, the more traffic you can send to your product reviews from Pinterest.

For example, if you have a product review on your blog, you can create an image with a related background and add some text to the image, like “discover Product NAME and how it can help you with X, read this review”.

If you take lots of pictures and add them on Pinterest, you can get Pinterest users to visit your blog.

the pictures don’t need to be works of art, just slap something together and put it up.

here is an example of a picture I slapped together and published on

an example of a pin that can make you money


see. not complicated, the trick is to take lots of pictures and use keywords that relate to what we try to sell, in the title and description so that we can bring target visitors to our blogs. Targeted visitors mean potential buyers.

so if a product we are trying to promote is Siteground hosting, then keywords like Siteground hosting review, or the best web hosting 2020, would attract visitors who probably want to buy.

This is the type of traffic we want to send to our blog because they are very likely to end up purchasing through our affiliate links.

building up your account

The fastest way to build up your Pinterest profile is to follow other people on Pinterest, if you follow 50 people per day, about 20 people or so will follow you back, and you can have a link to your blog in your profile description.

seek out people in your niche, for example if you are into cooking and promote books about cooking then seek out big profiles in that niche and start following their followers because they are interested in that stuff and can visit your blog.

and put up 5 or more pictures every day to build up your Pinterest following and get free visitors to your blog. link your pictures to your blog post that you want to send them to, if someone clicks on your pin image, they go directly to your blog post and might buy from you.


In conclusion, you can send visitors from Pinterest to a blog where you either promote affiliate products to make money or collect emails to do email marketing (learn more about email marketing and how to start from scratch by reading this post.

Pinterest is a source of free visitors that we can utilize to make money online with affiliate marketing and other marketing means and it is very easy to use.

Some niches work better than others with Pinterest so make sure you choose a niche that has a large Pinterest community.

Pinterest and other social media platforms do not have the highest conversion traffic, search engines have much better quality traffic and it is a lot easier to make money with search engine visitors, but it is hard to rank on competitive keywords and it can take time.

Pinterest and other social media platforms, on the other hand, are very easy to work with and get visitors from so you can certainly get started with them if you want to do so.

The best way to do it is to have your own blog that you own because it looks more professional and trustworthy to potential customers and you also build up an asset that you own and can sell in the future if you want to.

you can sign up with any of the affiliate programs I mentioned and start creating content for your blog.

Once you are ready to start promoting your content, use or any other graphic design software you might have and create pins (images) to upload to

follow other niche interesting profiles and people and continuously pin images where you promote your content. pin other people’s images also if you want to, to create user engagement.

Over time, you will build up a profile that sends enough traffic to your site to where you make money every day.

I will end this article on how to Make Money with Pinterest and a blog here.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave acomment below.

Take care.

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