How To Make Money Online With Clickbank For Beginners (In 5 Steps)

Learn the step by step process of promoting Clickbank affiliate products for a commission even if you are completely new to affiliate marketing.

(This article contains affiliate links which means that if you were to purchase any of the products or services that I recommend through my affiliate links, I get paid a commission. It doesn’t affect the price you pay.)

Want to know how to make money with clickbank for beginners?

Keep reading and find out how to do it.

Clickbank is a large affiliate network where you can choose products to promote as an affiliate, products of all sorts of niches.

Clickbank pays very high commissions, often up to 75%, and offers digital products with money-back guarantees so it is very easy to make money with ClickBank.

I’ve used them for years and I’ve received checks from them so Clickbank is legit.

In this article, I will tell you how you can start making money online with Clickbank even if you are a beginner and it is not expensive to do this so if you are interested in learning how to get started then keep reading.

1. Create an account with Clickbank.

The first thing you need is a Clickbank account. You can easily create one on their website and it is for free.

Just fill in your details and submit your information and wait to get approved as an affiliate.

clickbank marketplace

Once you have an account you can start promoting products whenever you want.

2. Choose a Clickbank product to promote.

The next step is to browse their marketplace for products that you want to promote.

If you would prefer to go for free traffic (visitors) to promote your affiliate offers, I would recommend that you choose products with a gravity of less than 20%.

Gravity is a metric used at Clickbank to show how many different affiliates have sold the product recently.

If the gravity is high, that means that a lot of people are making money with that product, which also means that there is lots of competition for that product.

If you are new to internet marketing then it is better to go for low competition products because it takes less work to compete for sales and it won’t take as much time to begin to see results.

I would also recommend that you choose products that can put more than $20 per sale in your pocket.

CB gravity

It is also a good idea to try to find products in a niche that you already have interest in, or know something about.

It will make content creation later on a lot easier for you.

Once you have found some products you would like to work with then you are ready to move on to the next step.

3. Start a blog.

You need a place to promote your ClickBank affiliate products and a blog is probably the best place to do so.

If you register your own domain name and get good hosting, you own your blog and it makes more sense to build something that you own then something you don’t really have much control over.

For example, if you start to make $1000 per month a couple of months from now, then you have an asset that you can sell for 10 times its monthly earnings.

But if you have a free blog then you can’t sell it.

I personally use Siteground to host my blogs and I recommend them.

Here is a review I have written on siteground if you want to find out more.

I also have a tutorial on how to start a profitable blog from scratch for affiliate marketing here.

If you don’t want to pay for hosting, then you can also create a free blog.

If you decide to do that instead then here are some good platforms that let you set up free blogs.

Here is a tutorial on how to start a free blog with blogger.

4. Create content for your blog about your Products.

Now that you have a Clickbank account, some products to promote, and a blog or a website to promote affiliate products, it is time to create content for your blog that can make you money.

You can write articles that relate to the niche of your product and promote the product in the content.

For example, if your niche fitness, and you want to sell a weight loss training program, then you can write articles about how to lose weight fast without going to a gym.

Articles that a potential buyer of your product would probably search for information about.

If you create content for your blog and bring in visitors, then you can get sales and make money by having your Clickbank “hop link” affiliate link in the article.

Another way to promote affiliate products, and this is even better in my opinion, is to write product reviews.

The reason is that people who search for a product on google and add “review” to their search, are very likely to end up buying because they are already interested.

They already know about the product and they want some more information about it so visitors like that often buy.

If you have found a product with weak competition, then it doesn’t take much to rank on the front page of google for the product’s name and review, and you can get a sale here and there just from one review.

If you write several product reviews then it is even better because you can reach more potential customers that way.

I would recommend that you create more than 10 posts of 600+ words that are either closely related to the niche you want to sell products in or, product reviews for different Clickbank products.

I also recommend that you use long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank on google for.

Here is a post on long-tail keywords for more information.

I talk about ranking on google because google traffic is the highest converting visitors you can get. People who search for solutions to their problems, or product reviews on google are often buyers.

They are ready to buy what you offer so focus on getting search engine traffic if you want to make money online with ClickBank, or any other affiliate program for that matter.

5. Promote your blog if necessary to go up in rank.

Now it is time to promote your blog and blog content to get your articles and reviews noticed, and also to increase your search engine rankings.

One way to promote your site is to leave comments on other people’s blogs.

If your niche is affiliate marketing, then you can just type in affiliate marketing “leave a comment” on google’s search results and see what comes up.

Just go to blogs that allow you to leave a comment and drop a comment in their comment section, and leave a link to your blog in the bar where you can enter your name, email, and website.

If you do quite a few of these comments, you will get visitors from other people’s websites, but you will also increase your blog’s authority and rank higher on the search engines.

A lot of people say that blog comments don’t pass on link juice so they are a waste of time but it is not true.

You will find that it benefits your ranking and overall authority to leave comments on related blogs because it lets google index your blog through various places, and it lets google get a better understanding of what your blog is about.

So you can leave comments. To promote your blog.

You can also promote your blog on related forums.

Just search for your niche and “forums” and see what comes up.

Pick 1-3 forums that have lots of members and begin to participate. leave a couple of comments per day to build up some credibility in the forum, so that you are not just there to promote your own blog.

And then, when possible, link to your posts and recommend reading them in the forum when people ask related questions.

Or use your blog domain name in your signature on the forum so that everyone can see it and people will visit your blog.

It also gives you backlinks so that you can rank higher on google.

You can also create social media profiles and promote your Clickbank affiliate product review blog there.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

There are many social media platforms you can use.

It also helps you get backlinks.

Backlinks are important because the more quality links you have, the higher you will rank.

That’s how you compete for the most part.

The one with the best links wins, so choose products with weak competition and get the easy links that you can get.

In the beginning, it will be a bit slow, but as you build up your site you can start to get links from other webmasters and you also rank more for various keywords as you blog age and you add more content to it.

Email marketing

Another thing you can do is to promote ClickBank products via email.
If you build up an email list of people who are interested in your niche then you can promote products to your email list and make money over and over again from your visitors.

But If you only have a blog, you can get visitors, and hopefully, they will leave through your affiliate links and If they end up buying the product you recommend, you get paid.

Unfortunately, a lot of people leave without buying and they will never come back but if you offer a freebie (lead magnet) in exchange for their email address, you have a way of contacting those people over and over again.

I definitely recommend email marketing as part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

I use GetResponse for email marketing and I recommend them. (that link is an affiliate link by the way, which means that if you get Getresponse via my link, I get a commission).

Getresponse is a cheap alternative and it is very easy to use.

Here is my Getresponse review.

If you would like to learn how to start email marketing in step by step from scratch then you can read this post.


Affiliate marketing with ClickBank is one of the easiest ways to start making money online for beginners because a lot of products on Clickbank are selling right now, all you have to do is to grab your piece of the pie.
You don’t have to deal with results or unhappy customers as an affiliate, all you have to do is to send the traffic to the sales page via your affiliate link so it is easy to do.

The process of creating content and promoting your posts can be tedious at times but if you are serious about making money then it is worth it.

To summarize what we have talked about.

  • Create a ClickBank account.
  • Choose products that you can compete for and at the same time, make money off of.
  • Start a blog, one that you own, or a free one.
  • Create reviews and articles for your blog.
  • Go out and promote your blog on other people’s websites so that customers can find you. You can increase your search engine rankings.
  • Optionally, collect emails on your blog via an opt-in form and promote affiliate products via email.

This is an easy and affordable approach to earn money online with Clickbank.

I hope that you have found this article about how to make money online with Clickbank for beginners useful.

If you have any questions or if you need assistance in any way, please leave a comment below. Please share this if you found it useful!

Take care.

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