How To Build An Email List Without A Website In 2020

Want to know how to build an email list without a website or blog?

Keep reading this through and learn how to do email marketing without website or blog, starting today.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online so building your own email list is something I would recommend that any internet marketer do.

It can become one of your greatest assets and continually make money on autopilot for you, and it can make you money for years to come.

You can even get into email marketing and capturing leads without your own website and in this article, I will tell you some ways you can go about doing that.

Use GetResponse Landing Page and Optin Form insted of a website to capture leads and build your email list.


I personally use GetResponse for email marketing and they let us create landing pages where we can collect leads.

If you don’t have a website then you can send visitors directly to your opt-in form landing page and if you set it up correctly it can have a very high opt-in rate, give away a freebie (lead magnet) and capture email opt-ins directly from your landing page.

If you don’t have getresponse then you can go ahead and use their 30-day free trial and see how it works, and if you like them.

Get your 30 Days FREE trial of Getresponse here.
(that is an affiliate link which means that if you were to purchase their service, I get a commission).

You can read my GetResponse Review here.

Once you have your landing page set up and ready, you need to promote it so that people who are interested in your niche can find your landing page and offer and sign up.

Here are a few good ways to build an email list without your own website.

Buy solo ads from to generate Opt-ins.

Udimi is a marketplace where we can buy visitors (clicks) from established internet marketers with large email lists. We can set up filters to find sellers that match your criteria and start driving target traffic to your landing page so you can have people sign up to your list through your opt-in form quickly.

Depending on your niche, solo ads are a great way to build an email list and get sales quickly and it is quite cheap.

You can buy 100 clicks (visitors) for about $40.
You can also get higher quality traffic for a bit more than that but the opt-in rate is quite good and i have found that it is not hard to get sales, even impulse buys right away.

I have purchased traffic from and I am in the online marketing and make money online niche so there are lots of sellers at Udimi in this niche.

Before you buy traffic, make sure that you have set up a good landing page, and that you have an attractive lead magnet (free gift) and that you have a follow-up sequence of emails set up already on your email marketing platform.

If you don’t make your money back the first couple of days, you can continue to send promotional emails to your email list and earn your money back within One or Two weeks if you automatically send out more emails where you promote more products to your list.

Here is a $5 dollar discount on solo ads from Udimi that you go ahead and get.

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Start a youtube channel and create an email list of your Viewers.

Starting your own YouTube channel is free to do and you can create videos that are related to your niche.

In your video descriptions, you can add a link to your landing page where you collect email addresses.

If you don’t like to be in front of a camera, you can create videos with pictures or just record your screen. If you don’t want to talk then you can use an app like Content Samurai.

It is a software that automatically creates videos for you that you can upload to youtube.
All you need to enter is an article that you would like to have read out loud, and it will automatically generate a video with related video clips that you are free to use for commercial purposes. There are several different voices to choose from, and the videos come out quite well.

Here is an example of a video I made with a Content Samurai.

Here is a 7 day free trial of the program. Test it if you are interested and see if you want to continue with it.

The best thing about making youtube videos is that you can reach a lot of people with a youtube channel that you put some effort into building up and you can get affiliate sales and leads through the description box of your videos.

And it is free.

Capture Leads via Social media platforms.

You can also promote your landing page opt-in form on social media. Instagram lets you add a link in your profile so you can build up a following and presence on Instagram. Publish videos and images and suggest that people check out your profile for a freebie of some sort and send people to your opt-in form- landing page.

You can also use Twitter and other social media platforms to generate leads for free.

Use Forums to build your email list.

You can promote your landing page and opt-in form at niche related forums that allow you to use a signature.

Forums are very good places to reach people who are interested in your niche so you can find 2-5 forums in your niche and register with them. Start to participate in forums and answer questions. Most forums require that you establish yourself before they let you link out via a signature so be patient and don’t spam.

Provide some valuable comments and answer people’s questions and when you can add a signature, create a compelling signature with a link to your landing page where you can collect leads.


You can start email marketing without a website or a blog and build an email list if you use Getresponse email marketing service, they let you create landing pages that you can use. (I think most email marketing platforms let you do that).

You can use both paid and free methods to build your email list, buying solos ads is the fastest way to get opt-ins and to start making money via email marketing but the free alternatives are also effective if you stay at it and put in the work.

If you wanted to know how to build an email list without a website then now you know some effective ways you can do that.
Admittedly, it does take time to build up a YouTube channel and social media profiles, but it is free and possible.

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