How Do Search Engines Make Money And How Can They Earn For You?

Find out how search engines make money and how they can earn money for you if you do the work. Read this article through and find ut what you need to know.

Billions of people use search engines on a daily basis so tons of money is begin made on search engine traffic.

Advertisers pay money for some of that traffic because it is high converting.

people who want to buy something often search for it on google and other search engines to find it.

If an advertiser can get an ad in front of their eyeballs, then that advertiser can convert them into sales and make money.

There are several ways how search engines make money for different people, and in this article, we will talk about some of those ways so keep reading.

how do search engines make money?

A search engine like google lets advertisers buy visitors from their search engine through Adwords.

That is one way that Google makes money from its search engine.

Every time you do a google search and you see advertisement show up right before the first ranking site, or on the side of the search result then you know that advertisers are paying google to get visitors for the same keyword you typed in to find that result.

Google also owns Youtube which also is a search engine.

Every time you see a youtube video that has commercials before, during, or after the video, it is an AdSense ad that they are displaying and google makes money.

so does the person who owns the video with the ads.

The person who owns the youtube channel and the video split the profit with Google through the Google Adsense program.

Adsense is the opposite of AdWords.

AdWords are what advertisers use to buy visitors through the search engine, and Adsense is what web site owners, etc use to display thous ads and get paid for referring traffic to the advertiser.

Google makes money from both.

how do search engines earn money for you?

If you want to know how to make money from search engines then here are some of the best ways that people do it.

You can start a blog to do SEO.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”.

If someone finds an easy keyword to rank for, and write an article with that keyword in the title and maybe in descriptions of the article then the search engines will eventually find out that the article has been published and contains that keyword.

that article will rank somewhere.

depending on how competitive the keyword is, you can rank high or low on the search engine.

some keywords get thousands of searches per day and make tons of money so the competition for such keywords is usually hard to beat.

It can take months, or years to move an article to the front page of Google for a hard keyword.

An easy keyword that has a few searches per day, with week competition can land on the first page of Google within a week.

I’ve seen it happen many times.

once you have search engine traffic coming to your blog on a daily basis, you can display AdSense ads and make money every time someone clicks on one of thous ads.

you can also promote affiliate products to your visitors and make money.

affiliate marketing is when we sell other people’s products for a commission.

Often as high as 50% commission.

If you write lots of articles for easy keywords and you stick to a specific niche like weight loss, fitness, online marketing, solar energy, something specific, then you build up your website’s authority in that niche and you start to rank for all sorts of keyword and get traffic from the search engines that you can make money from.

the best thing about search engine traffic is that it is free to get and it becomes truly passive. once you rank, you can continue to get visitors every day for months, even years to come.

How to make money from search engine traffic

If you start a blog to make money from search engine traffic that here are some tips that can increase your chances of receiving traffic from search engines like google early on.

  • Get a web host that provides fast load speed. Google loves fast websites because they provide users with a better user experience so they often let fast sites rank better on the search results.
  • If you use WordPress as a content management system then install the Rank Math SEO plugin. It can help you rank better.
  • If you add images to your posts the make sure you compress the images and make them smaller in size first. Large images take longer to load and it negatively impacts your page load speed, so use smaller size images. you can install the Smush plugin also.
  • Write long and informative posts and go in-depth of the subject your article covers because you will add more keywords that way that you can rank for and get search traffic for, keywords you didn’t even know you have on your site.

Here is a tutorial on how to start a blog and set it up for profits you can read here.

You can write product reviews and promote products on your blog and make money with affiliate marketing.

You can also write “how-to” articles, where you address people’s problems and offer the solution in the form of a product that you can sell as an affiliate. there are many ways to make money from your search engine traffic. affiliate marketing pays well and it is easy to do.

you can also place AdSense ads on your site and get paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

If you want to start a youtube channel instead of a blog to get traffic from a YouTubes search engine, as well as google traffic that finds your youtube video on google, then all you need is a google account and it is free to make one.

simply create a youtube channel through your account and start making videos based on “keywords” you want traffic for.

you can use a tool like tubebuddy and get keyword suggestion ideas. (you can use it for free).

With Tubebuddy you can also see what keywords youtube videos rank for and where they rank so you can copy their keywords and get similar results as your competitors on your youtube videos.

you need a certain amount of watch time on your youtube channel and a certain amount of subscribers before you can monetize your videos with AdSense.

If you keep producing new videos to your channel and keep going after more and more keywords then you will eventually reach their minimum requirement and be able to monetize your channel with AdSense.

in the meantime, you can promote affiliate links in your youtube video description and make money that way from search engine traffic on youtube.


How do search engines make money? Primarily from advertisers who buy traffic from their search engine.

Through Google AdSense, we can earn money from search engines and split the profits with Google.

If you want to make money online from search engines then you can create a website and target keywords that potential costumers would search for, in articles, and make money through ads or affiliate marketing or selling your own product if you have one.

Search engine traffic is the best traffic to get for internet marketing because people will find our content with “buyer intent” so it is not hard to convert them into sales.

It is also free to get visitors from the search engines and a truly passive income stream once you start to rank for keywords.

I will end this article on how search engines make money here.

I hope you’ve found this useful.

Here is a Video that covers search engine optimization basics.

She covered the basics very well so check it out.

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