How To Get Search Engine Traffic To Your Brand New Blog?

I’ll show you time tested tricks to get search engine traffic to your brand new blog so if you need visitors then you want to read this through.

 No matter if we want to make money online or if you want followers and blog readers, we need visitors! 

Without traffic, the blog just sits there..

Search engine traffic is the best traffic for making money online because they are actively searching for the product you promote or solutions to problems.

When we’ve just started a blog it doesn’t have the authority to rank for keywords so what can we do to get high-quality search engine traffic to our blogs quickly?

Want to know how to get Google traffic to your brand new blog?

Keep reading and I will teach you tricks.

I remember when I was a beginner at blogging and internet marketing.

It was difficult sometimes to get new blogs to get exposure because when your blog is brand new, it doesn’t have much content and no links are pointing to it.

As you age your blog, and you put up more content on it, other webmasters will link to your site and post and it will increase its rankings.

your posts will age and gain more authority and trust from google and you will gradually rank higher with time just by virtue of having posts indexed.

But in the beginning, we want to see some action!

It is boring to wait so what can we do to start ranking on the search engines for keywords and get visitors to or sites that can buy from us, or read our content quickly?

Here is a trick I learned in 2009 to get organic traffic and it works to this day!

Your blog is new and lacks authority, or maybe it isn’t new but still, it lacks authority to rank for keywords you target..

Well, there are authoritative websites that can rank for keywords and you can exploit those websites and use them as a bridge between the search engine traffic and your own blog and blog posts.

This is the easiest way to get traffic to a new site.

If you write a post to your blog and you target keywords.

You can then go to authoritative websites that let users sign up and use their platform, create some content and optimize it for your keywords or related keywords and publish it.

Google bots visitors those sites everyday and posts get indexed quickly, it can also help your site and posts to get indexed so it is a good way to get your new blog indexed if it isn’t already.

If the keyword is easy enough, you can land on the first page of google for your keyword, and channel the visitors from the authority site over to your own blog and blog posts!

Here are some of the sites you can use for this purpose.

Get Search Engine Traffic Through

Reddit is a social media type of platform but it has been around for a long time and has lots of authority.

You can create a post and publish it on Reddit and put your keyword in the title.

You can then add some relevant content to the body of the post (make it good so that people will thumb it up and click your links)
Then insert a link to your main blog post inside the text and publish it.

You will find that your Reddit post will be indexed rapidly, often within a day or two.

 If it is an easy keyword, it can land on the front page of google and begin to receive search engine traffic. You can channel that traffic from your Reddit post to your blog. 

This is a great way to get your blog noticed when it is brand new.

You can also get links from doing this. The links from Reddit are no-follow but it adds relevance to your site and other webmasters hang out on Reddit. They might give you some links from their sites if your content is good.

Reddit has lots of authority and you can rank on the front page for relatively easy keywords with Reddit so leverage their authority and use it to your advantage!

Write decent posts. We want to make people feel like they want to share these posts on their own blogs. Webmasters need good sites to link to. It gives google good signals that their blog is a good resource so it can boost ranking to have related outbound links.

As you get more links to your blog, you go up in rankings and get more traffic to your posts without having to do any of this stuff.

Get Search Visitors From

Another thing you can do is to use Pinterest to do the same thing.

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site so you can’t write as much content in your posts but you can target keywords in your titles and descriptions.

It will also give you backlinks to your new blog.

They are no-follow but you need links of all sorts to build authority and the links will be relevant to your blog’s content because you use similar keywords.

You need photos to upload so head over to which is a free graphics design service. (or use your own graphics design software if you have any)

Create some pictures to upload to Pinterest and upload them to your Pinterest account.

Insert your keyword in the title and the description.

You can insert a link to your blog post that you want to send visitors too, under the description of your picture.

If the keyword is easy enough, you can rank your Pinterest photo post on google and channel that traffic to your main blog post.

You can do this with other authoritative websites as well and some sites will work better for some niches than others.

Taking advantage of the authority of social media websites and content sharing websites for SEO (not building) but to actually rank them for low competition keywords and then channel the google traffic to your money site or blog posts is very effective for getting targeted traffic to a brand new blog.

You don’t have the authority to rank yet but they do and it is free to do this so use it to your advantage. Over time, your blog will get stronger when you post more to it, and you get links from other sites.

Then you can outrank social media sites for keywords that you target so you don’t need them later on for this.

Another benefit of doing this is that you also promote your site and get links to it from authoritative websites that Google likes and trusts so it will increase your ranking as well.

Plan of action: get search traffic to your new blog and posts

 Sign up with a 2-5 social media sites  (you can also link to your blog from your profile)

 Use Reddit and publish informative posts  to your own Reddit profile or niche related pages.

Use relatively easy keywords in your titles and link to your main post from inside the content.

You can write good posts and treat your profile like it was a blog.

Or simply write a short description about your own blog post and link to your blog post in the description.

You can publish short posts on Reddit as well.

 Promote every new post that you publish on your blog. 

When you publish a new post, take a picture and put it up on Pinterest with a link to your main post.

 Create a post for Reddit and link to your main post .

You can also use twitter.

This way you not only get exposure from search engines, you also build up your social profiles and you can get visitors from those platforms as well.

You also get links so your blog gets more authority.

You can receive strong links from webmasters who find your posts on these platforms so it can really benefit your website and the posts you make on these sites stay there so they can benefit your site for years to come.

We are getting to the end of this post about how to get search engine traffic to your brand new blog.

As of today, 2019-12-17 is a relatively new blog. I started this one not too long ago and most of the traffic that is coming here is via this method.

Some search visitors are trickling in already, but the majority of visitors are from social media and other platforms.

I always start new sites this way. It is slow at first and you have to do a lot of work yourself but as your posts age, you will go higher and higher up in rankings on Google and other search engines.

In the beginning you can promote your blog this way and get visitors and exposure and maybe even make some sales early on.

I will end this article here.

If you found this useful then please share it on the social web!

If you have any questions then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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