Essentials To Make Money Online For Beginners

This is for beginners in internet marketing and maybe even a bit of a reality check for some aspiring moneymakers but it is all love so bear with me!

Do you want to know the essentials to earn money online with Online marketing for beginners so that you can make REAL MONEY?

keep reading and I’ll tell you.

When we’re new to making money online, we haven’t formed the proper habits yet.

It is important to have realistic expectations and the knowledge of how to get started and also, how to look at things correctly so that you don’t form useless habits or get stuck

Here is an example:

A lot of times, beginners publish a post on their blog and then, they obsessively look at the stats on google analytics every day.
Or constantly look at their Clickbank account (or whatever affiliate program) to see if they have had any sales.

 Don’t get into that trap! .

There is usually nothing to see there for the first few months and if you have had a visitor or two, or if you got a sale this month, so what?

That is meaningless.

 Focus instead on creating new content and doing productive things that will get you paid and do those things! 

So I have made you this article to help you out in the beginning and teach you the essential thing you need to get right from the start to become successful with your online business because truth be told, it requires work.

Realistic expectations

Having realistic expectations is very important if you want to succeed because, with unrealistic expectations, you can lose motivation to build your online business.

It takes time for a blog and blog posts to rank on the front page of google for meaningful keywords and you must promote your content on the internet to go up in ranking if there is competition for your keywords.

Or write enough content to get noticed by other webmasters and receive links from them.

I would say that you can expect to make money three months to one year from now from free traffic, and I mean significant amounts of money that are consistent.

You might be lucky and make money quicker (that happens) but it generally takes time to build up a blog or site to where it has enough traffic to make lots of sales every day.

If you continue to post content. If you continue to promote your blog on the internet then making money is inevitable but people who are new to internet marketing often think (because of sales letters and gurus), that they can find the magic way to click a button and get rich.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way…

If you set aside one to three hours per workday to create content for your blog, and stick to it for a few months then you will have a passive income from your blog because there will be enough traffic coming in to convert into sales.

 It is a numbers game. The more content, the more visitors. The more visitors the more sales. The more products you promote, the more you make. The more links you receive, the higher your rank so stick to a routine and get your business moving! 

You can certainly be lucky and see results quickly. Especially if you choose an easy niche.

If you buy traffic to your offer or opt-in page and do email marketing then you can see the results very quickly.

Although, even then you need to try what works and what doesn’t and that can take some time. It also costs money, so you might lose some before you find a strategy that covers your advertising costs and gives you a profit.

Good Tools

Beginners often look for how to start an online business with zero capital but the truth is that you will be much better off if you  treat this like a real business and have a start-up capital .

Invest some money into the proper tools you need to start your business.

With your own blog, you will have way more options and it looks much better to visitors.

You can use plugins and themes that help you out with SEO and you will most likely have more success with good tools.

So do yourself the favor of setting aside $100 or more so that you can start building an online business that you own for real.

You don’t need many things to run an online business but I suggest that you get the best tools.

Good web hosting, good email marketing platform, and quality content (if you outsource content) and you see results much faster and you will make more money in the long run.

It is okay to use free blogs when you are new. (I’ve done it and made money with them).

If you want to make a real income from a blog, you need to put in some work and it is just not worth it with a free blogging platform because you don’t even own it.

 If you have your own domain name and hosting, you can sell your blog in the future if you want to so it becomes a real asset. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight with internet marketing so plan ahead.

It will become valuable with time and you can sell it in the future for a fortune if you do it right.

Have a goal and vision for your online business

Without a clear goal, you can easily lose track and aimlessly act in front of your computer, heading nowhere fast, thinking your working…

One of the main reasons people who enter online marketing fail is because they are doing unproductive things and call it work! Or don’t work enough to reach a specific outcome.

For example:

If you want to make between $100 and $300 per day then that is your goal.

 All you have to focus on and get done is to get content up, and to bring enough visitors to your blog every day to convert them into sales that will put $100 to $300 in your account Daily! 

Creating content is relatively easy.

The hardest part is getting traffic and it takes some work.

Beginners often shy away from monotonous, tedious tasks because they are boring to do.

They’d much rather tweak their blog design, or watch YouTube videos about making money online (I’ve been there).

Unfortunately, that will not get you towards your goal. In fact, it will not get you anywhere.

It is a waste of time.

On the other hand, creating content for your blog; getting more backlinks to your blog; participating in discussions on forums or sites where your potential customers hang out, and linking to your blog; doing that which leads towards your ideal outcome and goal will get you somewhere.

So focus on doing those things that grow your business and lead towards your goal and remember what your goal is when you start your computer to get to work on your online business.

That mindset and focus will save us from engaging in stupid stuff that leads us nowhere.

Business mindset

Remember that you are running a business so have a business mindset.

 Whatever business you start takes time and work and it costs money to start a business .

We are lucky, Internet marketing is extremely cheap!

We can have a website with fast and safe hosting up and running for about $100 per year.
Compare that to the cost of rent for an offline store.

You can build an email list of customers to contact with promotions whenever you want and an email service costs $15 per month at the low end.

So like I said earlier, invest in high-quality tools to run your business and have realistic expectations.

In business, it is often a given that you will not be profitable within the first year.

With internet marketing, you can easily be profitable within the first year but if you want to build a business that makes you tons of money and that lasts for years to come, then you will have to put in work (or pay others to do the work for you) and it is going to take some time for pages to rank on google.

If you want to build a social media following large enough to make a good living off of it then that will also take time.
So plan for your business and set aside time to build it up.

Don’t quit

A good thing about internet marketing is that it is (for the most part) highly duplicatable and very straight forward.

There are lots of different ways to make money online but since we are dealing with search engines and tools, it is technical and often very mechanical.

 If you do things correctly, success is inevitable because you can look at a competitor’s site, backlinks, content, and the age of it and compete with that person.   Write longer posts, get better links, do your site a little bit better and you have a good chance of making the same kind of money as that guy and more! 

There is copywriting involved and creativity does play a part in this, but in the large scheme of things, it is very mechanistic.

So if you have a plan and a goal for your online business.

You have good tools to work with.

You have realistic expectations (understanding that you need to work or have someone do it for you to build up a profitable business).

And you remember your vision and goal and why you are doing what you are doing in front of your computer in the first place –

You will succeed eventually!

The more content you put out, the more authority your site gets.

The more links you get (or receive) the more authority your site gets.

The more authority it has, the higher you will rank for keywords, and the more traffic you will get.

So you will make more and more money gradually.

You may not see any results the first few months but you will get paid later on for the work you do now if you stay at it and don’t quit. Remember that.

Pages you post will get stronger and rank higher with time because a site gets stronger with age.

So don’t quit!

Stay motivated, and keep putting out new content. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyways and know that you will be rewarded down the line a few months from now.

That is the end of this article about the essentials to make money online for beginners.

I just thought I’d share that with you.

Take care.

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