How Can Email Marketing Help My Business In 2020?

If you running a business then you need costumers no matter what!

Small businesses and large businesses need costumers period…

A lot of small businesses are missing out on the benefits of email marketing but if you look around, you will find that most big businesses rely heavily on marketing by email because that is where the real money is at!.

Because an email list is a list of costumes that you can contact whenever you want to and that makes email marketing priceless.

Every contact that consent to receive your emails is a person that you can reach whenever you want to and promote your products or services to.

Or to inform them about any news or updates to your business and that makes email marketing the most profitable means of advertisement.

It beats everything else out there!

keep reading and find out more about how email marketing can help your business.

email marketing for helping your business

How can email marketing help my business?

Email advertising can grow businesses in many different ways.

If you can give people a reason to subscribe to your newsletter or opt into your email list for a freebie then you can promote your product or service to them via email.

If you are running an online business as an affiliate marketer then you can promote affiliate products to your leads.

If you have a potential customer today, they might not buy what you have to offer.

they might have to think about it. they may be short on money. they may just not be in the mood today.

but in a week or two, they may want to buy it.

if your potential customer shows up once on your website, or has seen an add of yours once and skipped it, you might never see that person again.

But if you capture their email address, you can reach that person whenever you want to!

you can also automate your campaigns so that it does all the work for you.

you can write a sequence of emails and set them up to get sent out to your sign-ups by a set schedule and warm them up for a sale.

Engage their curiosity, create a sense of scarcity, dramatically increase your conversion rate.

and at the same time, you can connect with your subscribers and provide them with value.

If you provide your leads with value then they can stay on our list for years to come and buy from you so it also benefits your business long term.

The bigger your list gets, the more potential costumers. you can reach.

And there are other ways how email marketing helps business. If search engine optimization is part of your business, if you are running a website then you can increase your search engine rankings with the help of a large email list.

How email marketing can help SEO

With a large email list at your disposal, you have lots of people that you can direct wherever you want and that “traffic” can help you with SEO if you use it to your advantage.

One way that googles algorithms decide what to rank high on the search engine is how active a site is in terms of visitors, and how the web visitors behave when they interact with the content of the site.

So if you have people on your email list that are interested in the type of content that you post on your website, you can inform your list about your new content on your site.

you can send out live broadcast emails and inform your list (in a helpful way) about your latest post or content on your site.

Encourage them to read it through, and link to your post or content.

If you have related posts or content on your site, and you have internal links in your website content, a lot of the traffic you send via email to your site, will click on your internal links and stay on your site.

that reduces the “bounce rate” which sends google a good signal about the content of your website.

It is good and people stay around.

It will increase your search engine rankings and you will get even more free traffic that you can convert into leads if you capture emails on your website.

that’s how email marketing can help SEO.

You can also encourage your subscribers to also subscribe to your social media accounts. That can also help your business get more exposure and more people can find your website and send links to your content.

That will also help you with SEO.

Which email marketing service is the best?

That completely depends on your individual needs. some services cost a lot more then others and also provide more features and larger list sizes than other providers.

Some of the more well-known services that internet marketers use and talk about online are email marketing companies like Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendinblue, and you have email marketing services like Constant contact.

Those are highly reputable companies that lots of internet marketers use.

I personally use Getresponse platform.

I have testes three different email newsletters and marketing platforms and decided to stick with Getresponse. Because they have a very high delivery rate and provide all the tools that I personally need.

landing page builders; form builder; autoresponders; funnel builders and direct broadcast of emails and they’re also cheap to use.

Here is my Getresponse review if you are interested in finding out more about them.

Click Here (they provide a 30 day free trial of their platform if you want to test it yourself).

But the best answer that I can give you on that one is that you need to take a look at your own marketing needs and your budget and start shopping around for a platform that meets your personal requirements.


If you are a business owner and reach costumers online then,  your email list can become your best asset on the internet.

It allows you to build relationships with people that can last for years to come and you can promote your product or service whenever you want to for FREE.

you can have an automated sales funnel that does all the promotions and work for you and make money on autopilot with an email autoresponder.

you can drive targeted traffic to your blog and create user engagement any time you publish a new post and it helps you rank higher on search engines.

there is a saying that the money is in the list and that is certainly true.

If you are running your own business, or if you are an internet marketer and you don’t take advantage of the benefits email advertising has to offer then I highly recommend that you get onboard.

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