The 3 Best Email Marketing Platforms For Affiliate Marketing

In this article, I will tell you about the 3 best email marketing platforms for affiliate marketing in particular. I have used all of these myself and these are the top 3 in my opinion. They all work for affiliate marketing and I will tell you which one I use so if you are interested in finding out more then keep on reading.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for us online marketers to have at our disposal because it allows us to stay in touch with our potential customers and promote good offers to our email list whenever we want to!



However, some email marketing automation platforms are not “affiliate marketing friendly” and I have heard of many instances where people have had their accounts closed with various providers for doing affiliate marketing through their platform.

I think that it could easily have been prevented if they had shortened their affiliate link or redirected it through their own blog with a plug in like pretty links, but needless to say, it is unfortunate that some email marketing providers are hostile towards affiliate marketing.

(If you are going to send out emails with affiliate links then I recommend that you shorten your affiliate links first with, or if you have wordpress installed on a blog, get the pretty link plugin and change the affiliate link to remove the spam factor.)

If you really want to create an online business as an affiliate then i would say that email marketing and capturing leads is a must!

It makes everything so much easier for you down the line, so the following list of providers are the best 3 email newsletter platforms for affiliate marketing in my opinion (Not in this particular order necessarily).

1. Aweber Email advertising Solution.

Aweber has been around for some time now. I used them back in 2010, so they’re not going anywhere soon!

You can send out emails to your list with aweber, and you can promote affiliate products and have affiliate links in your emails.

You can create automated email sequences, send out your email newsletter, and capture leads with aweber.

They also make it easy for you with drag and drop editors so you can create compelling looking emails to send to your subscribers.

The price of using aweber at the low end is; $19 per month with a list size of 500 leads.

You can try them out using a 30 day free trial right here.

2. Getresponse Email Marketing Service.


Getresponse is my personal favorite and the email marketing platform that I use myself. They provide very useful tools for automating email campaigns and creating landing pages and opt in forms, with “drag and drop editors”.

You can test your emails before you add them to your contacts and se how they appear on the major email providers like gmail, yahoo, etc. So you will know if the emails will end up in the spam folder or in the Contacts inbox, before you send your emails.

So you can easily set up reliable email automation campaigns and get your emails out (If I remember correctly, you can do so with aweber too).

You can also track how your leads are behaving very well and set up your workflow accordingly.

For example; if you send out an email where you promote an affiliate offer and set up the the workflow so that, if your lead opens your email and click your link, then they receive the next email in your workflow then next day (or whatever you choose).

But if they don’t click on your affiliate link, you can set it up to automatically wait a set period and then send the same email again, or a similar promotion.

You can also send live emails to your whole list and do other things, but I mentioned the automation potential in particular because it is great for affiliate marketing.

And it is easy to use getresponse so I highly recommend them.

The pricing varies depending on the services you need but at the low end, the BASIC deal cost $15 per month and you get a list size of 1000 leads.

You can also go ahead and try them out yourself.

They provide a 30 day FREE trial so you can go ahead and check them out and see if you like them.

If you want more information, you can read my Review right here.

3. Sendinblue.

sendinblueThis is another great email marketing platform that you can use for affiliate marketing. I have used this platform and sent out emails with affiliate links and it worked just fine!

You can also take an affiliate link and place it in a custom link box along with the thank you page/ opt-in confirmation page settings. So that right after someone opts in, they are immediately taken to an affiliate offer (You can also do that with other email marketing providers).

Sendinblue also has an automation workflow that you can set up to funnel your leads through a sequence of emails and you can promote affiliate products in that sequence if you want to. You can also send out broadcasts (live emails) to your whole list and promote affiliate offers that way.

The price of this platform at the low end is £19

And you can send out 40.000 emails a month.

Sendinblue provides a generous FREE version of their service, it is not a trial but an actual free alternative, and it is the best free email marketing service that I have used.

However, it is limited. You can only send out 300 emails per day.
If you go and sign up for the free version, and you at some point need to send out more emails per day then you can simply to upgrade.

You can get Sendinblue and try them out Right here


There are many other email campaign platforms to choose from but these are my top 3 recommendations because I have personally used them and they work very well for affiliate marketing. Getresponse is the cheapest on the list but in my personal opinion, they are the best.

Aweber is the most expensive option but arguably, they are the best on the market according to others. Sendinblue is good, but they provide a free alternative so they are great for low capital marketers who are getting their feet wet, you can easily upgrade if you need to if you where to use them.

All of the email marketing providers that I have listed provide you with a free trial so you can choose any of them and see which one you like the best before you make up your mind on which one is your preferred email marketing service.

These are my top 3 email marketing platforms that I would recommend to any affiliate marketer so I hope that any one of these will make you money in 2020!

Good luck to you on your marketing ventures.
Take care.

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