Affiliate Disclaimer has affiliate links.

An affiliate Link is a link that points to a product sales page.

If someone clicks an affiliate link and goes and purchases a product on the other side of that link, the person that the affiliate link belongs to gets paid a commision for referring the customer.

It doesn’t change the price of the product.

The price is just the same, it is just that I get paid for referring (a customer) to them.

This means that if you click on a link to go and visit the sales page of any product that I recommend, you are clicking on an “affiliate link”.

If you buy a product on the page, I get a commission of the sale.

I usually recommend the hosting and tools that I use myself and when I link to the products or services that I recommend, it is often an affiliate link.

If I review a product and recommend it, it will usually contain an affiliate link.
If you where to click it and purchase through it, I would get a percentage of that sale.

The percentage varies from product to Product but it does not cost the customer anything.

It is common that blogs and websites monetize their blogs and websites with affiliate links. That way, we can get compensated for all the work we do.

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